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100 99% (1963) - Aug 01, 2010
"I've nothing but wonderful things to say about the monster experience that is 8 1/2! Fellini's ambitions tackle a film within a film, explores memories-within-dreams which intercept reality, and masterfully exposes the strong communication of images. As Guido desperately seeks his escapism it's easy to lose grasp of his reality, but consider welcoming it. Also - the opening and final scenes could stand alone as exceptional masterpieces. Just, all around freakin' awesome."
100 99% Taxi Driver (1976) - Aug 01, 2010
"A film so brilliant in evoking the dark and ugly factions of the soul could never be faked or replicated. With Scorsese's directing and DeNiro's solid acting, this film shows how lonely one can become battling the neuroses that develop after witnessing the travesties of urban life day in and day out. The underbelly of New York shown through Scorese's cinematic reverie, lingers days after viewing. A layered film; a must see for any one serious about movies."
99 98% Her (2013) - Jan 15, 2014
"Spike Jonze elegantly and effortlessly tackles a myriad of themes here; following the growing isolation that is dependent on accelerating technological advances, alongside the complex contradictions of humanity. This is a story about the human experiment surpassing the human, tracing definitions of consciousness and questions of what will evolve from us? The cast, dialogue, photography, score... sublime and profound. A masterpiece in cinematic storytelling."
95 95% The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) - Aug 01, 2010
"This weird, magical little film manages to please the senses in all the best ways while grasping at our fear of fleeting mortality that many of us keep low. The thing I love about Anderson is that he masterfully blends the lighter and darker themes of life through wonderful writing, direction and visual/psychological cues; he nails it in this one. This is my favorite of his collection, to many's dismay, and that fact alone goes to show that he is a celebrated director for all the wrong reasons. "
100 99% Persona (1966) - Sep 09, 2010
"Bergman understands the language of cinema, that's for sure. Despite its short duration, Persona holds so much substance and breadth of vision it nearly beckons subsequent views. The cinematography is to die for. Bibi Andersson's delivery hit me right upside the head. Persona is a compendium of the purging soul. Ingmar Bergman is a god."
95 95% Black Swan (2010) - Dec 22, 2010
"Obsession is Aronofsky's forte: taking the subtle neuroses destroying a person and holding them in the spotlight for the viewer to be shaken to their very core by. It is clear from the first scene where the film is going, but it's HOW Aronofsky and Portman reach it that is so remarkable. The surreal metamorphosis of Nina is one of the most mesmerizing character developments I've ever seen. An emotional crescendo of how brutal and deranged the life of a dancer can be - it's all in the details."