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Flick Fan - 64 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 9, 2020

Location: London, UK

Age: 43

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30 3% Cape Fear (1991) - Jun 21, 2021
"Trashy and unnecessary remake that must mark a low point in Scorsese's career and rarely rises above pastiche (and a pastiche of Brian De Palma!)."
54 29% Beautiful Boy (2018) - Mar 06, 2021
"Steve Carell is pretty good in this but it has the feel of a very classy TV "issues" movie and is over-reliant on music to do the emotional heavy-lifting."
65 58% In Fabric (2018) - Mar 06, 2021
"A woman buys a haunted dress from a department store staffed by witches. Tonally highly uneven, veering between horror, pastiche, and sitcom pilot. Strickland never seems to know quite what to do with his ideas - but that is forgivable when his ideas are so numerous and interesting. I preferred 'Berberian Sound Studio' though."
72 75% Mademoiselle Chambon (2009) - Mar 06, 2021
"A beautifully acted film, slow but not austere, meditating on class, desire, and duty. At first I thought it tended a bit towards male fantasy, but the characters' lives are drawn with subtlety and are fully believable. As others have pointed out, it feels a bit like a contemporary, French 'Brief Encounter' - except in this version they actually fuck and the final-scene return to the family home is much more ambiguous."
59 35% Cure (1997) - Feb 07, 2021
"The basic story is pretty silly, so it's testament to Kiyoshi Kurosawa's skill that this is quite unsettling. His films have a unique feel, but whereas 'Pulse' becomes rambling and unfocused, this mostly remains creepy and suspenseful."
58 33% The Last Tree (2019) - Feb 07, 2021
"It's welcome to see a young British Black man portrayed in a complex and ultimately positive way and, while it's not really for me to comment - not least because it's apparently semi-autobiographical - the film's racial politics are... interesting. His early life in the countryside is portrayed as idyllic; he faces racism - from another Black boy - only when he moves to London, here a sinister and threatening place in which he is beaten by his Nigerian mother and corrupted by an older Black man."
50 20% Prevenge (2016) - Feb 07, 2021
"It's a neat idea but it feels a but unfinished, like an extended improvisation."
52 23% Beach Rats (2017) - Feb 07, 2021
"The characters are recognisable, though I'm not sure they needed the dying dad, and the lead actor's expressions run all the way from sullen to moody, but it all feels a little amateurish."
54 29% Good Vibrations (2012) - Jan 23, 2021
"Not really for me to say, as an Englishman, but this comes uncomfortably close to a depoliticised "both sides were as bad as each other" rereading of the Troubles. The British army don't feature much at all, except in a little sequence in which they cheerily let our heroes go on their way. For all that, it does show how punk music might have been a unifying force for some of Belfast's youth and it's a hard film to dislike, with a charismatic central performance and some inventive visuals."
44 15% Educating Rita (1983) - Jan 23, 2021
"The director and the leads do a pretty good job but frankly they're let down by the source material and the film is stagey and dated. Its focus on a single individual raising themselves up into a system which remains unchallenged is fundamentally pretty conservative, as is the fact that the major obstacle she faces is the stupidity and stubborness of her peers (specifically her husband) - though to be fair it does quite well in portraying a life between two worlds."