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Rating system that I use:
0-10 - Hated these movies.
11-20 - Simply bad.
21-30 - Waste of time.
31-40 - Waste of time, but these films have their moment or two.
41-50 - Mediocre films that I consider to be slightly below average.
51-60 - Decent films that I consider to be slightly above average.
61-70 - Good films, but not very memorable.
71-80 - Very good movies that I liked and would recommend.
81-90 - Great films with some flaw.
91-100 - Exceptional, life-changing, desert island films.

No short review - very old ratings, that I'm not so sure about any more.

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T1 The Titan (2018) - 22 Jan 2021
"A movie so bad that it made me come out of semi-retirement from this movie rating racket. It just makes no darn sense! Earth is doomed in a span of generation due to over crowding and pollution, and yet we witness the world of immense wealth and people going for a jog through endless wilderness. Guy sign-ups to be genetically modified to live on Titan - family upset that somewhat expectedly bodily changes occur. And all that hand-holding sappyness- it never worked in sci-fi film, and never will."
62 T7 Tabloid (2010) - 02 Jan 2020
"I wonder if tabloid type stories has artistic value by itselves, or a director like Morris somehow makes it respectable. And if it's the latter, does it mean artistic value is just a matter of perception? I enjoy this type of documentary (no lack of them thanks to Netflix). It has beauty queen-slash-dominatrix, dreamy mormon, international crime and even cloned dogs. What's not to like? Although, I wonder if people who read tabloids wouldn't say the same thing."
73 T9 The Red Pill (2016) - 14 Dec 2019
"This one is sure to lead to massive fights. Which I think is exactly the problem with topics like these - people just can't stay rational. Like, I can only confide in the closest to me, that I think that feminism is not only perhaps minor annoyance to me, because it ruined entertainment, but quite possibly harmful in very major ways. A lot of points MRM makes I came up with myself over the years (I didn't know MRM existed), so it felt as a validation to me. Yet MRM has a loser vibe to them, too."
29 T2 Showtime (2002) - 14 Dec 2019
"Oh, so this was a spoof? I missed this intention completely as it came off as a crappy buddy cop film, that probably had a strong commentary on TV's fascination with cop reality shows in early drafts of the script. I think the most important part of any buddy cop flick is chemistry between leads. Yet, it feels like De Niro and Murphy doesn't even have any business being in the same room together. Didn't know this film existed before stumbling upon it by accident, and for good reason - it SUCKS!"
53 T5 Winter's Bone (2010) - 29 Oct 2019
"All I can say is leave all hope behind the door prepare to be depressed and/or bored. Kitchen sink drama by way of Redneckville, USA. I feel bad rating it so low, but have to be honest - it's just not for me."
50 T4 Juliet, Naked (2018) - 29 Oct 2019
"Enter keywords: Sundance, rom-com, Nick Hornby and you get Juliet, Naked. Aging hipsters finding love and all those things. It's like a comfort food - same old thing, but gives a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Re-watched it, because it was sitting in hard drive, and I was in a mood for something completely harmless."
46 T4 Triple Frontier (2019) - 29 Oct 2019
"Every time I watch Netflix production I want to go on a rant about how all of them find a way to suck. Take this movie. Starring Affleck and Isaac, directed by Chandor - ought to be decent, right? Wrong. It is like they use A-list talent to make B-movies (and not even the good kind of). I liked how the plot didn't focus on the heist, and evolved into adventure flick at some point, but the good things are far and between, Just a tired, straight-to-video fare."
67 T8 Sicario (2015) - 29 Oct 2019
"Great film-making: cinematography, score and the ambition of making something more than just a crime action movie, but the script is not so good. I'm actually re-watched this one after seeing Soldado, and I think this film is on whole different level thanks to the direction of Villeneuve. The moral conundrums of characters are actually believable and cinematography/score creates tension and grandness that actually sticks more than a plot itself."
52 T5 The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil (2019) - 19 Oct 2019
"(I just saw that Sly somehow produced this film, lol) There is nothing like a good Korean action movie, but somehow this film doesn't live up to a great premise. The characters are perennial Korean cinema stereotypes of cop, gangster (Dong-seok Ma stuck in this role) and psycho-killer, I think the biggest flaw is the too-light or not-light-enough tone of the film. Forgettable, but I expect a remake coming sometime due to the catchy premise."
61 T7 Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) - 18 Oct 2019
"I was a bit put off at first as I was expecting 'good guys' vs. 'bad guys' type of film, and I was thinking the movie is trying to pass POW torturing, civilian killing, children kidnapping Broling and US government as 'flawed heroes'. But as the movie progressed it picked up the pace and became an entertaining action thriller. No moral ambiguity, just bad guys versus bad guys."