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Celluloid Junkie - 3407 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 21, 2008

Rating system that I use:
0-10 - Hated these movies.
11-20 - Simply bad.
21-30 - Waste of time.
31-40 - Waste of time, but these films have their moment or two.
41-50 - Mediocre films that I consider to be slightly below average.
51-60 - OK films that I consider to be slightly above average.
61-70 - Decent. Had a good time watching them.
71-80 - Very good movies that I liked and would recommend.
81-90 - Great films with some flaw.
91-100 - Exeptional, life-changing, desert island films.

No short review - very old ratings, that I'm not so sure about any more.
more Recent Ratings
53 44% Streamers (1983) - Mar 19, 2019
"Altman took some unpredictable turns during his long career. Streamers is well acted, had hitting drama, that unfortunately never seems to leave confines of theater behind it. What I think bothered me the most about it, is that it feels like one of those didactic we-went-to-see-it-as-a-school-trip type of plays. On a positive side, it deals with issues like war, homophobia, racism is a completely open way, which I didn't expect to see in a movie of that era."
37 20% The Pirates of Penzance (1983) - Mar 19, 2019
"Watching this I felt dark dread come over me every time Angela Lansbury came on screen, and I wasn't quite sure why that is. Now it's couple of days later, and it suddenly hit me. Around five years ago I saw this video unearthed by Everything is Terrible with Lansbury having a bath (trust me, if you haven't seen it yet, don't). Now at the time I did my best to erase it from my memory, and I didn't remember the fact consciously even watching a movie with her, but subconscious remembers."
36 19% The Man Who Loved Women (1983) - Mar 19, 2019
"Romantic comedy about this rich white dude who has this problem of being a player. There is a lack of diversity when it comes to movies about rich white dudes in today's Hollywood, but like I always said diversity != quality, and this movie is boring at best and sucks most of the time. "
68 78% The Keep (1983) - Mar 19, 2019
"I think this is the best b-movie of '83. It is ambitious - it has almost 2001 Space Odyssey cinematographic grandness to it, paired with Tangerine Dream soundtrack. I would have been happy just watching these nice images with music. On top of that - gothic horror about nazis meeting devil!? That's some mad story to make into an expensive movie from. I wish I could see twice as long director's cut, but even the available cut is genuinely fun and original, no idea why people are hating on it. "
39 23% Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) - Mar 17, 2019
"The problem with extended gags this movie seems to rely on is that when they don't work, you are stuck with the same joke for 10-15 minutes. This bit with blow-up decoy woman date comes as an example. But sometimes it hits correct note, so it's not as bad as IMDb rating would suggest. Ted Wass has zero charisma and is no replacement for Sellers, and that's why I think people just dismiss this film altogether."
19 4% Amityville 3-D (1983) - Mar 17, 2019
"Not worth the time. It was obviously shot especially for 3D, and it looks ugly in 2D. Not that I see how 3D could improve these cheesy bad special effects. The story is the same old tired haunted house story that was made million times before and after. I just can't find anything positive to say. As tagline says, I was the victim in this movie."
43 29% Nightmares (1983) - Mar 16, 2019
"There seems to have been a small wave of horror anthologies released in the early 80's. A lesser movie than Creepshow or Twilight Zone on every aspect, it's more dorky fun (especially evil arcade segment with Emilio) than it is scary. I would pick giant rat story as my favorite out of four, the one about escaped mental patient being he most generic and forgettable."
34 16% Strange Brew (1983) - Mar 16, 2019
"This movie was shot in a 3B - three beers and it looks alright, eh. Utterly silly, but not dumb, like most often the case is. Too good-natured for my liking, and the jokes aren't that funny. I was thinking that main characters remind me of Mac Demarco, but I'm sure I don't have enough cultural familiarity to fully appreciate Canadian Humor."
32 14% Staying Alive (1983) - Mar 15, 2019
"Dancing 80's! This movie is so bad it put a big grin on my face. There is something unnatural about seeing Travolta dance in tights and those Japanese schoolgirl type of socks. "
52 42% FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (2019) - Mar 14, 2019
"I remember reading something about it on Pitchfork when it happened. I find all this modern social marketing and startup outputting in a way that I wished I could see everyone who appeared in this documentary punched in a dick. [Expletive] influencers and hash tags and their wet dreams of yachts. It's pleasure to see such people getting touch of reality, but it didn't feel that exciting of a story. It's clear from the start that none of the rich kids got mauled by grizzlies, so no intrigue. "