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Member Since: Jan 30, 2020

Location: USA

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80 25% Knives Out (2019) - Mar 28, 2020
"Wow, what an incredible movie! The dialogue and mystery are intricately woven (without any plot holes). There are so many twists and turns. Amazing cast. I also fell for Ana de Armas and her sparkling eyes and freckles. She's so cute and adorable and plays her character perfectly! The movie is close to 4.5/5 for me but drags a tiny bit in the 40% to 70% section of its runtime, so it gets a strong 4 out of 5 stars. This movie will surprise you!"
70 15% Joker (2019) - Feb 26, 2020
"The first half is painfully bad: Repetitive, clich├ęd, predictable, rote, unoriginal, and boring as hell. The second half is electric and wonderful thanks to Joaquin Phoenix "coming to life" in the end. People are already realizing this "mixed quality" about the movie, but allow peer pressure to "raise its score". In a few more years everyone will admit the fact that this movie is extremely overrated, very uneven, and deserves 50-70% scores at best. First hour should be re-cut to fix it!"
60 10% Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) - Feb 17, 2020
"Completely hollow and braindead movie with extremely stupid and lazy plot, but also super entertaining. Worth seeing. Just don't expect The Mona Lisa. This movie is more like a street painter dressed as a clown and honking a horn through its butt while painting and screaming. Most of the cast is annoying too, especially the girls and the whiny boy from the first movie. But Woody Harrelson and Madison completely make up for it. Get your popcorn and enjoy the wacky ride!"
30 5% Uncle Buck (1989) - Feb 07, 2020
"The oldest daughter is an evil, wicked, scheming bitch. Macaulay Culkin is barely in the movie whatsoever. It's about Uncle Buck (John Candy) and the oldest daughter fighting. The acting by EVERYONE including Candy is utter garbage, and it plays like a collection of loose skits that are disjointed and doesn't make a movie. All jokes are flat. John Candy is creepy and reveals a dark side. Story is predictable and below mediocre. Yet, somehow it's pretty pleasant to watch despite being GARBAGE..."
60 10% The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) - Feb 05, 2020
"Decent. Acting is pretty good. Creature effects are just okay. Story is predictable and never super interesting. The pace is plodding. And the human world is surprisingly mundane and plain as fantasy goes. But somehow, it is a fun and cute family movie. Lots of laughs. It just lacks the depth, better special effects, cleaner pacing and better acting that could have given it a high score. Worth watching with family. It's a pretty fun ride in the style of Hook and Casper! The music is good too!"
90 44% Gravity (2013) - Feb 05, 2020
"I love everything about this movie. It's 4.5-5/5 for me. Only docking half a star because there are deeper movies that I love more. But oh wow, Gravity is incredibly good and enthralling. It is able to shut up even the most talkative family members and make them sit in silence with a "O_O" face."
80 25% The Lighthouse (2019) - Feb 02, 2020
"Some of the best acting of all human history. They are an absolute, hypnotic storm on screen. And the cinematography is gorgeous. The story itself is multi-layered and references Greek mythology and slight influences from HP Lovecraft, while weaving a new tale. It's absolutely mesmerizing to watch. You need to be in a dark room, and in the mood for such a powerful film... The story is 4/5, the cinematography and acting are both 5/5. Overall, I rate it 4-4.5/5. Grows the more you think about it."
80 25% What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Feb 02, 2020
"Very funny but also has a strange ultra low budget feel. Has some very magnificent moments that makes up for it. I would not say this is a very good/masterpiece film. But it is definitely good and worth watching."
70 15% Shazam! (2019) - Feb 02, 2020
"Kinda sloppy movie. But cute and full of heart and silliness. Worth watching. Would have deserved a very high score if they toned down the childish dialogue and hysteria a bit, and fixed the stupid climax of the movie. Could have been amazing. But instead it's just a good but not great movie."
80 25% Lion (2016) - Feb 02, 2020