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Cinema Addict - 2030 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 3, 2008

Bio: Wannabe writer and graduate of the University of Kansas. As an unabashed fan of b-movies for as long as I can remember there really isn't anything I won't watch at least once. I reserve the right to rank movies and TV shows obnoxiously high just because I had a lot of fun with them. Also, if my percentile list is anything to go by I'm one of the most forgiving rankers on this site, so I guess that's a thing.
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92 91% Marriage Story (2019) - Dec 09, 2019
40 8% Rent (2005) - Dec 08, 2019
65 23% Sword Art Online (2012) - Dec 06, 2019
93 92% Knives Out (2019) - Dec 01, 2019
"Stylish, funny, fantastically acted, this was just pure entertainment from start to finish. Far and away Johnson’s best movie so far. "
91 89% The Irishman (2019) - Nov 30, 2019
"An absolutely beautiful meditation on a life of crime that provides a nice (likely) final chapter to the gangster genre for many of the men that helped elevate it. That said...look, the movie is 3 and a half hours long and it feels every minute of it. The final act is divisive but I'm of the opinion that as brutally depressing as it is it elevates everything that came before it. "
40 8% Blame It on Rio (1984) - Nov 18, 2019
85 74% The Snowman (1982) - Nov 04, 2019
44 9% The Vault (2017) - Nov 02, 2019