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70 T6 Animal Kingdom (2016) - Mar 19, 2018
"S1: Really loved the premise of the movie and I was ecstatic to find that they ended up making this a series. I thought the first season tip-toed the line between trashy guilty pleasure and legitimately good crime tv (mostly landing on the former). Still, I'm hooked."
65 T5 A Bigger Splash (2015) - Mar 14, 2018
"To pursue a life of obscenity and impulse is to leave open the window for barbaric brutality. The beautiful Italian landscapes and and unbound sexuality serve as perfect disarming devices to allow a pretty nasty story of jealousy seem rather innocuous for most of its runtime. A twisted examination of celebrity from Guadagnino- if at times a little disjointed and undercooked."
85 T9 Love (2016) - Mar 13, 2018
"Finished Series: Loved this throughout. Perfectly subversive and relatable. With legitimately fucked up characters who don't change relative to the script. My favourite thing on Netflix."
55 T3 The Witness (2016) - Mar 07, 2018
"Weird to watch a documentary on a closed case. Would be wholly uninteresting if it wasn't for Bill's obsession slowly leaking into weird, personal territory. The closing interview with Mosely's son was very unsettling and revealed that we might have not even scratched the surface of this story."
45 T2 Annihilation (2018) - Mar 01, 2018
"Garland builds a world with an infinite scope but doesn't trust his audience enough to let it flourish. Annihilation is a film that can't decide on being ambiguous or grandiose, constantly abandoning ideas while over-cooking others, the final product feels bitter and hollow. Even the visuals, while interesting, were tinged with some B-movie lens-flare, the whole thing just didn't feel natural."
55 T3 Game Night (2018) - Feb 27, 2018
"Its Carrell/Fey's "Date Night" meets "The Game", I mean even right down to the title. I was howling at fake Denzel but I'm so sick of comedies closing out with joyless vanilla action sequences to fill the space."
65 T5 Downsizing (2017) - Feb 26, 2018
"Once the wonder of the downsizing process wears off, Payne zooms in close enough to show that humanity bears the same issues on any scale. The biggest gripe I had with the movie was that the financial economics of "Leisureland" did not feel fully realized. The poverty village felt totally unrealistic and comical given the circumstances. Still, I liked this."
70 T6 L'argent (1983) - Feb 16, 2018
"A film that starts with a distinct structure: Follow a counterfeit bill as it circulates and progressively becomes more vicious in its consequences. Right as you buy into that and the transitory rhythm of this film, Bresson does a COMPLETE 180 and decides to latch on to one single subject for an entire half of the runtime. Its truly a jarring shift in pace that I'm not sure many directors have ever been willing to take. Its a tough, manipulating watch."
100 T10 Before Sunrise (1995) - Feb 15, 2018
"After countless revisits, the magic never fades. It is a collection of little moments that slowly paint the picture of one beautiful night shared. Everything becomes memorable in this capsule of time, even the nameless Austrian locale who show up for fleeting encounters seem to say all the right things. It truly is the purest romance ever committed to film."
90 T10 High and Low (1963) - Feb 14, 2018
"Masterful on every front, and this is a film of many faces. Complete domination from Kurosawa. "