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80 T8 The Florida Project (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Equal parts droning and electrifying. Sean Baker continues to spotlight the purity hidden in the shadowed areas of society. This film (like all of his films) is important and remarkably human."
80 T8 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 06, 2017
"You certainly couldn't ask for more from a Blockbuster of this magnitude. A tidal wave of visual astonishments that are synced with some strong curiosities about mortality and singularity. I've been digesting the film in fragments -. Its genuinely a heavy film, and something that will certainly leave its mark as a shift in the cinematic landscape."
70 T6 Sleuth (1972) - Sep 25, 2017
"A masterclass in acting. However, no act provided intrigue strong enough to make me really buy in."
85 T9 Mother! (2017) - Sep 18, 2017
"Aronofsky's Biblical revenge. Almost as if the response from "Noah" unleashed a fever in Darren to create this perverted telling of the Creation story. No compromise, no discretion, easily his boldest work. "
60 T4 It (2017) - Sep 10, 2017
"Essentially a greatest hits of Pennywise appearances. While sometimes innovative, the scares get so repetitive and constant that I found it hard align myself with the progression of the narrative at all. Muschietti's version will float some boats, mine won't be floating too."
90 T10 Paris, Texas (1984) - Sep 05, 2017
55 T3 Logan Lucky (2017) - Sep 05, 2017
85 T9 Ozark (2017) - Sep 03, 2017
85 T9 Good Time (2017) - Aug 28, 2017
"Kind of plays out like a completely depraved version of a stoner buddy comedy. "Good Time" swells with a layered chaos that forces the viewer to live in the moment. Even moments of calm are constricted by the complete tangle surrounding the characters. I started to find some beauty and purpose amongst the fuckery towards the middle of the film, and thats when it clicked with me how impressive this was. "
80 T8 Wind River (2017) - Aug 23, 2017