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50 T3 Atomic Blonde (2017) - Aug 17, 2017
"As it progressed I realized I had no fucking clue what was going on. Then there was 15 minutes of pure bliss. Then it whimpered to an end. Such is life."
80 T8 The Glass Castle (2017) - Aug 16, 2017
"Bloated but affecting. I found many personal connections to the film that probably bolster the score for me. Woody was fire."
80 T8 Victoria (2015) - Aug 06, 2017
"Damn exhilarating. The form far outshines the plot, but its hard to focus on anything other than raw emotion here. "
90 T10 A Ghost Story (2017) - Jul 27, 2017
"Meandering yet innovative, primitive yet wise - A Ghost Story is The sort of Malick-ian variety of arthouse film I was so anticipating. An entrancing journey that consumes all. "
85 T9 Stranger Than Paradise (1984) - Jul 23, 2017
"Simultaneously assured and aimless. Packed with heart and nuance, Jim Jarmusch made this feel effortless. Deservedly classic."
65 T5 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Jul 22, 2017
"Felt episodic in nature and not as cinematic as the Raimi version. Holland makes for a wonderful high-school hero, though his classmates/love-interest felt contrived and shallow. Keaton's villainous force was strong enough, but never totally memorable. Basically a collection of ideas and set-pieces that never feel whole enough."
85 T9 Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 22, 2017
"'Dunkirk' Pulsates between the micro and macro casualties of war. Blurring the passage of time and bypassing the importance of character, Nolan's vision is pure and uncompromising. An absolute classic of the genre. "
50 T3 Okja (2017) - Jul 13, 2017
"Bong just fused 'My Neighbour Totoro' with 'Schindler's List'. And it felt as abrasive as it sounds. A supremely manipulative effort with no regard for subtlety or poignance. Hard to digest this one despite some prudent satirical commentary. "
55 T3 The Bling Ring (2013) - Jul 07, 2017
"I can appreciate the route that Coppola took here - but I can't say I enjoyed watching this at all. Its a deliberately empty movie about empty people that resides completely in the vapid territory of celebrity culture. Just not my cup of tea."
70 T6 The Beguiled (2017) - Jul 07, 2017
"Oddly lukewarm, despite some assured work from Sofia Coppola. I like that she took a more deceptive/polished approach to filmmaking here. Though, while it felt perfectly casted, I got the sense too much was left off screen to really lure me in. Fiery moments were tinged with unease, and the film never builds up the momentum to blossom. "