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45 T2 Raw (2017) - Dec 13, 2017
"Couldn't do it."
55 T3 Columbus (2017) - Dec 13, 2017
"Draws many structural similarities to Jarmusch's recent "Paterson". However where Jarmusch was able to magnetically sync poetry to life's curiousities, Kogonada's buildings seem to be completely detached. Existing as mysterious aesthetic safe-points, without a true human connection to drive home their power. "
90 T10 Le Samoura├» (1967) - Dec 10, 2017
"The birth of the Ryan Gosling archetype."
80 T8 The Disaster Artist (2017) - Dec 02, 2017
"Beyond nailing the accent and mannerisms, I was pretty floored at how well Franco captured the controlling nature of Wiseau. The film is mainly light and comedic, but its the disturbing flares of Tommy's severe insecurity that gives "The Disaster Artist" its purpose. Read the book to dive a little deeper. "
35 T2 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Nov 27, 2017
"Very marginally funny thanks to Waititi's character. I actually fell asleep for a good third of the film. Short of being a comic book fan, for the life of me I can't understand how you can sit through these completely lifeless films."
85 T9 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) - Nov 21, 2017
"A spark that exponentially swells into a wild-fire. The film is a balancing act, weighing the ethics of violence yet never quite landing on either side of the fence. Calculated moments of comedic excellence are blindsided by the raw screeching of emotion. Its a hard film to corral, but its an absolute ride to experience."
85 T9 Lady Bird (2017) - Nov 11, 2017
"Lady Bird offers fresh, biting dialogue to the high-school genre. It moves at a brisk pace through the idiosyncrasies of suburban adolescence; finally catching its breath in the aftermath, letting you appreciate the bumpy ride there. "
70 T6 The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) - Nov 06, 2017
"Well, I'm still not a fan of Lanthimos' slow, awkward dialogue. The story itself here seems rather small and contained compared to the viciousness of his previous efforts. Still, I did like this more than "The Lobster" thanks to its gorgeous visuals and set design, with wonderful work from Kidman, Keoghan and crew."
80 T8 Mindhunter (2017) - Oct 29, 2017
55 T3 Happy Death Day (2017) - Oct 28, 2017
"Quite brainless, but its all good fun."