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Celluloid Junkie - 3440 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 29, 2013

Age: 28

Bio: Seem to be on a movie hiatus while working too much and trying to do my own creative shit :/

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65 50% Urufu gai: Moero ôkami-otoko (1975) - Dec 08, 2022
"One of those wild, confusing genre movies out of Japan, peppered with psychedelic effects and sequences which hardly help matters congeal. If watched under favourable conditions it possesses adequate cult appeal. Probably best not to go in too sober."
80 86% Pink Flamingos (1972) - Oct 23, 2022
"Haven't experienced this in more than ten years, then a teenager, and my first John Waters film I'm pretty sure. Definitely appreciate it much more now, perhaps due to years spent watching trashy movies, or a greater familiarity with Waters' work. Since then I've seen nearly all his films, caught his stage show (even took a photo with him) AND I got to see it on the big screen for its 50th anniversary. Makes me really excited to develop more as a human being."
85 94% King of New York (1990) - Sep 07, 2022
"Ferrara's vision of New York is about on par with contemporary renditions of Gotham, and Walken's Frank White seems somewhere in between a Bruce Wayne and McGill as Oberlus in Iguana: the sovereign vigilante with an innate sense of justice. He seems to be from another world at times, and there's an almost mystical air to all the coke and gunfights and wickedly gleeful killing sprees. The soundtrack is equally inspired."
75 75% The Mystic Warrior (1984) - Aug 29, 2022
"Fantastic meeting of themes with a golden period in made for TV movie production qualities. I love the easy going nature of those aesthetically in combination with rudimentary budgets and usually less narrative complexity. It just washes over you in beautiful retrograde colour waves."
35 16% Bullet Train (2022) - Aug 11, 2022
"A strange neo Guy Ritchie movie after some kind of meditation retreat, or maybe this is Wes Anderson smoking crack. At any rate, it's some kind of godawful abomination, although it does work some of the time. I just watched it cos I went to the multiplex and would have just about watched any stupid thing so while the joke was overextended, I am not disappointed."
40 20% Where Love Has Gone (1964) - Aug 07, 2022
"A second-rate family scandal drama that often goes into very cringe-inducing territory. The film deals in sensational and taboo ideas, which are handled pretty awkwardly in the screenplay and feel out of place within a movie that otherwise still looks and feels like a 50s studio drama. Not always predictable, and Bette Davis is awesomely repugnant. A random Tubi pick during an LSD trip, it was oddly entrancing and seemed to have a lot of personal significance."
60 39% The Sentinel (1977) - Jul 23, 2022
"A lot like other examples of paranoid horror from this decade, and it's probably riding some coat tails. This would also account for a palpable void of emotional connection with characters or anything like that, and it feels generic even if the plotting and direction are perhaps better than sub-standard. Decent mood thing going for it."
70 62% Cloud Atlas (2012) - Jul 23, 2022
"Certainly an impressive achievement, yet I expect it will be a footnote. The inter-connected tableaux thing really makes things fun and interesting. Tykwer and the Wachowskis have dabbled in this before, and I think the script is a little more nuanced in this edition. Philosophically, can't help but feel this movie is fundamentally dated, but is ambitious and captivating if you take it on as movie candy. Watching at home I did take smoke breaks, or may have been with AF on that."
60 39% Tunguska - Die Kisten sind da (1984) - Jul 11, 2022
"I haven't had much luck deciphering any of these Schlingensief movies so far, but am always fairly entranced by the madcap creative intensity that propels the movie. Obviously there is a deep relationship with the medium in its material sense and as a cultural heritage: rarely does a film seem to experiment so much in different 'modes' while retaining its composition and a natural feeling. He speaks the language, I gather."