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Age: 27

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70 62% The Invincible Armour (1977) - Jan 29, 2022
"Old school vibes."
65 50% Secret Rivals (1976) - Jan 29, 2022
70 62% Drunken Tai Chi (1984) - Jan 28, 2022
65 50% Legend of a Fighter (1982) - Jan 27, 2022
60 39% The Victim (1980) - Jan 24, 2022
"A bit hammy and the story is pretty dumb but there are some great martial arts. I wanted more of that trippy stuff from the beginning with the weird music."
75 75% Dreadnaught (1981) - Jan 24, 2022
"Wicked stuff from the beginning. The whole eagle claw thing is maybe a little unconvincing, but pays off splendidly at the end, and is kind of a fun device in place of a typical training montage."
70 62% Dune (2021) - Jan 20, 2022
"There is good stuff here, but Villeneuve's problems are tightly entwined with his talents. Story is better, but often relayed via borrowed/generic visual ideas. Cinematography is beautiful, but replete with indulgent aesthetic flourishes and ultimately seems like smoke and mirrors that obfuscate how little developed the setting can be. Not really impressed by world design in the set. Through other means the world comes together. I'm over Zimmer, and in IMAX was over-loud for my taste."
70 62% The Valiant Ones (1975) - Jan 16, 2022
"Enhanced by some scenic photography, this is a slightly convoluted tale of many intrigues. The martial arts are not first-class, and rely on a lot of fast cutting, so ultimately the film has limited appeal. It is crafted with a certain distinction, but also feels very unpolished. Still enjoyable, and the end is satisfying."
65 50% Comanche Station (1960) - Jan 13, 2022
80 86% Empire of the Dark (1990) - Jan 10, 2022
"Started to make me think of Road to Revenge, if that had been made by the most humble and understated badass instead of some dork living out some dorkshit fantasy. This is full of c-grade beauty and awesomeness, a happy surprise. The music must be stolen, it's too good."