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Celluloid Junkie - 4029 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 15, 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
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65 68% Operation Odessa (2018) - Jul 11, 2018
"Highly amusing tale of wrongdoing."
30 13% Ready Player One (2018) - Jul 10, 2018
"Compulsively playing computer games is the best way of overcoming corporate oppression, but remember not to play them seven days a week: five is sufficient. For those seeking this kind of incisive analysis, and who would like to regress into a cocoon of eighties nostalgia that saves them from ever asking about the real consequences of that regression or that industrially-produced compulsion, this is the corporate product for you, and one more masterpiece of inanity from the master confectioner."
50 42% Watchmen (2009) - Jul 05, 2018
"186 min. director's cut. Perhaps the most ambitious attempt to use the essentially silly trope of superheroes in order to pursue a range of complex themes in the guise of a kind of noir epic. Though not in a position to know, I doubt that all the virtues stem from Moore and all the flaws from Snyder: some of the stilted, kitschy and overblown elements seem quite comicbooky. The risk of fidelity is not just of failing to adjust to a new medium, but of exposing unobvious weakness in the original."
35 19% Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Jul 02, 2018
"The fact I haven't seen the previous two entries no doubt doesn't help, but really, there are only a few mildly amusing moments to relieve the general tedium of too many characters engaged in a meaningless but overly-complicated narrative, whose uninteresting themes are never pursued beyond the most superficial level. There is something unpleasant about how the action sequences are filmed, too, so overall there is little aesthetic pleasure to be had. Essentially just a big-screen-TV-show."
40 26% Wojna swiatów - nastepne stulecie (1981) - Jun 20, 2018
"An attack not just on television but on its use as a means for conjuring imaginary demons and hence for justifying authoritarianism, this has a kind of hysterical Kafkaesque tone, but could probably have done with less symbolism and more analysis. Nevertheless, the final scene is rather effective."
75 83% Ga, Ga - Chwala bohaterom (1986) - Jun 19, 2018
"An absurdist comedy that is also an anthropological critique that foreshadows the extended regressions represented by those phenomena that are reality TV and the telecratic anti-politics of the scapegoat. Other films exist on these themes, but, despite the low budget, this is generally more imaginative, more penetrative, more interesting and funnier than most other efforts."
55 51% O-bi, O-ba - Koniec cywilizacji (1985) - Jun 18, 2018
"Tale of a kind of post-apocalyptic King Rat, but one who is also a purveyor of the people's opium, ultimately getting high on his own supply. Somewhat interesting characters and themes, with effort expended on a low budget to produce some striking tableaux and whirling camera work, but some of the musical choices were incredibly poor (for example, in the bar scene). In summary, views of the film as avant-garde art experiment or schlocky B-grade genre movie are probably equally justified."
80 89% Wormwood (2017) - Jun 18, 2018
"Another fine Morris documentary about the tragic consequences of obsession, as well as about tragedy in general, along with the CIA, journalism and numerous other themes. Perhaps the re-enactments could have been pared back just a little, and it seemed on this viewer's screen as if the blues may have been dialled up a tad too high, but this builds and builds and the final episode succeeds in being the most interesting of the six."
60 60% Elena (2011) - Jun 15, 2018
"Fairly good exploration of inequality and carelessness. Filmed in a kind of classy version of orange-and-teal. Not sure that Philip Glass really works outside Reggio and Morris."
60 60% November 13: Attack on Paris (2018) - Jun 15, 2018
"The whole focus here is on the experience of those who found themselves caught up in the attacks. If that's what you're interested in, this is the documentary for you. The interviewees are articulate and reflective, and listening to their harrowing accounts is indeed distressing. If you want analysis, look elsewhere."