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60 T7 The Expanse (2015) - Sep 18, 2017
"The first season flips back and forth between the world-weary derring-do of a space crew, the even wearier world of political intrigue, and, weariest of all, the noirish investigations of a detective. The (perhaps temporary) elimination of the latter, part way through the second season, leaves the remaining episodes lacking the existential desperation of the first season, but the creation of a world, story and characters are all better than usual, despite some inevitable weaknesses."
70 T8 Le Doulos (1962) - Sep 14, 2017
"A very good film about the question of ethics. Also about hats."
85 T10 I Fidanzati (1963) - Sep 13, 2017
"Portrait of a world in profound (industrial) transformation, by a filmmaker who understands, perhaps better than any other, that IF cinema is the art form that best captures the sense that there IS the extraordinary but that it is IN the ordinary, this is because the problem of editing involves a relationship not just between past and present but future as well. The question of materiality, in other words, implies that of temporality in all its dimensions. Superb opening and many great moments."
45 T4 Colossal (2017) - Sep 12, 2017
"Fun for a while, but, as it begins to unfurl it's point, it seems increasingly as if there is something lacking, whether in terms of characterisation, ideas or aesthetics (or all three)."
50 T5 Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals (2017) - Sep 11, 2017
"The focus on the disruption and uberisation caused by powerful tube sites and live cam sites is certainly legitimate, but this did not go as far as it might have, either in its forensic accounting goals or in terms of the broader psychosocial implications of these technoeconomic developments. Even the central focus on MindGeek as if it has truly achieved its undoubted monopolistic aims seems to be an unnecessary simplification that distorts the real picture (hard to discern though that may be)."
65 T7 And Everything Is Going Fine (2010) - Sep 10, 2017
"Melancholy elegy for a performer who at his best gave genuine glimpses of the depths and the shallows of the struggle with and against the dark shadow. The sea, it seems, was for Gray the object of his death drive, towards which he was drawn to re-assimilate and dis-assimilate as a kind of return to the maternal breast."
55 T6 Janet Jackson: Alright (1990) - Sep 09, 2017
"Affectionate tribute to Cyd Charisse (who was 68), the Nicholas Brothers (Harold was 69, Fayard was 76) and especially Cab Calloway (who was 83), with, according to Wikipedia, some scenes staged by Michael Kidd (who would have been 74). The staging, choreography and performances are all very good. Hard not to like."
45 T4 Janet Jackson: When I Think of You (1986) - Sep 09, 2017
"Relaxing if unmemorable song, the choreography is credited to both Paula Abdul, who performs, and Michael Kidd, who would have been over 70 at the time. The staging is obviously the most notable feature."
70 T8 Hello, Dolly! (1969) - Sep 08, 2017
"The last hurrah of the classic Hollywood musical. Songs are variable, but Kelly works hard to provide compensations for the weaknesses of the score. Themes are the thirst for adventure and the bittersweet virtues of kinship relations. Streisand, Matthau, Michael Stewart, Ernest Lehman, Jerry Herman, Michael Kidd, Lionel Newman, Lennie Hayton, David Hurst: how many of these, if any, had any ancestors living in the United States (or outside Russia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania or Ukraine) in 1890?"
45 T4 Shin Godzilla (2016) - Sep 06, 2017
"Most successful as an imaginative satire about bureaucracy and government, somewhat in the tradition of IKIRU, and so as a commentary of sorts on the response to the Fukushima crisis, among other things, but still struggles to sustain interest for the duration. The rendering of the monster may be a little unconvincing, but the depiction of the massive destruction it brings is mostly pretty effective, and is sure to delight aficionados of urban annihilation."