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Movie Buff - 332 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 21, 2015

Location: PA, USA

Bio: If you're looking for someone who is very critical of movies, you're probably looking at the wrong user. I tend to view movies for what they're trying to be and how much I enjoyed it. I try not to compare a family movie with a serious drama in my rating, but try to base it off of how good it is compared to other family movies.

I do use the full 100 spectrum, but will only be using increments of 5, because I'm not sure that a 91 means much more than a 90. I will have to say it will take a particularly horrible movie to make it under 50. I'm not saying it won't happen, but it will probably be rare.

I would describe my use of ratings as follows:
0-5 - Nothing good about this movie at all, avoid at all costs.

10-25 - Good qualities significantly outnumbered by the bad. Not recommended, unless so bad it's kind of funny.

30-45 - More bad than good. May be able to appreciate certain aspects of the movie, but movie is still not very enjoyable.

50 - An equal mix of good and bad, uncertain what I think of movie.

55-70 - More good than bad. Movies I might like, but not re-watch often.

75-85 - Movies I enjoyed quite a bit and would enjoy re-watching. Would recommend, but also admit that there were some things that hindered the movie.

90-100 - My favorites. Movies I could re-watch often. Movie was enjoyable enough to ignore what negatives there were.

more Recent Ratings

100 95% Moana (2016) - May 20, 2023
"Moana is a seriously good movie. I really can't think of too much that I didn't like about it. It has a good story, great animation, enjoyable characters, an interesting resolution and some fun musical numbers. If I had to reach it does have the negative father figure and meta humor that feels a bit out of place, but overall I really enjoyed it."
80 36% Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - May 13, 2023
"I didn't hate Love and Thunder, but it brings this cosmic level story and completes it in one movie. While I do like that it gave Gorr a bit more of a motivation than most of the villains in Marvel's history, he's also kind of underwhelming. The movie takes this cosmic level threat and presents it fully in one movie. It seems a bit underwhelming given the scope. It is also pretty weird tonally, with the dark God Butcher against the humorous tone in other parts."
85 48% The Truman Show (1998) - Apr 29, 2023
"It's a good movie, but it is definitely a bit slow. It is full of interesting themes. The easiest being the boundaries that entertainment is often willing to transgress. However, there is betrayal, a question of what is truth, and even some control vs free will to be touched on here. Carrey's performance is maybe a bit over the top at times, but I'm not completely sure that it really is. We'd all probably freak out a bit with some of the stuff he was dealing with."
85 48% Ms. Marvel (2022) - Apr 23, 2023
"It wasn't a bad show, but neither was it a great show. It felt like the show tried to stuff too much into it and that brought it down. Why we needed two sets of villains I'll never know. I think the Djinn would have been a great group of villains to center on for the whole show. The Damage Control angle didn't really make a lot of sense. I feel like they figure this out by the end and make it a rogue agent going ahead with things. It's a feel good show, but the story is a bit off."
80 36% Traffic (2000) - Apr 15, 2023
"Traffic is one of those movies that makes you think about a topic and wonder how accurate the movie is portraying the issue. I'm not always a huge fan of multiple perspectives in a movie, but this actually did it okay, although the heavy use of color wasn't my favorite choice. It's definitely a slow movie and one that leaves you feeling unsatisfied, but I think it's the perfect ending for a movie dealing with the issue of drugs. Definitely not a favorite, but thought provoking."
85 48% Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) - Apr 01, 2023
"Overall I enjoyed the movie, but it is quite a different feel than any of the other Marvel movies, tipping into more of a horror genre than you'd expect. I wasn't a huge fan of Scarlet Witch being the villain of this as well she was just pretty unhinged the majority of the movie. I get that the movie kind of has an underlying theme of trauma and getting past it to find happiness or at least contentment, but something just didn't feel right."
80 36% Sing 2 (2021) - Mar 26, 2023
"Maybe not quite as good as the first one, but also a somewhat logical sequel. It's no longer about finding your talent, but rather about pushing yourself to new levels. It lacked a bit of the heart of the first one and Mr. Crystal was a bit too unhinged. While they maybe do use a bit too much music, I always found it fun how they make most of it fit in the scenes they're being sung. It's not great, but it's a lot of fun."
80 36% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Mar 18, 2023
"This is definitely the weak point in the Toy Story series, but it is still an enjoyable voyage. The simple fact that it took four movies to get one that is not at the same level is quite an accomplishment. Forky is okay, he's kind of funny, but felt like a one trick spork for half the movie. It just didn't feel like the story had a cohesive theme that was as strong as the other movies. Still good, just not as great as the others."
85 48% Moon Knight (2022) - Mar 18, 2023
"Moon Knight was not a hero that I knew a lot about, but this show just didn't really do much for me. I thought the general plot was okay, but there were some rather stupid moments as well. The other Egyptian gods were pretty stupid and the ending was kind of anti-climatic. I'm interested to see where they go with Moon Knight, but this was only okay."
95 82% Hawkeye (2021) - Mar 18, 2023
"Probably my favorite and most consistent feeling Disney+ series so far. It's a fairly low stakes adventure, but that doesn't really bother me, as I think to tell good stories you need a mix of high and low stakes. It also felt very connected to overall story, but in a dealing with the past kind of way. I didn't really have much to complain about here other than some parts being a bit out of place feeling, but it wasn't anything too major."