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...Then somewhere perhaps in a dark room, or in a flood of light returning to the living room, or with a flickering match in the belly of a whale, a laptop opens or a screensaver is dissolved. There I sit and expel my delight, my frustration, my indifference or any other subtle concoction of ambivalent and debilitating emotions into the glowing screen. A movie critic I am not, however like some sort of show-and-tell pride I hope that you are appeased by the little petrified morsels I have dug up from expeditions under the house. I enjoy sharing within this feedback community of other trout-people. Yell me any recommendations from your rooftop. Also, Luftwaffe.

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80 73% The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) - Rated 17 May 2024
"So incredibly silly."
88 90% The Boy and the Heron (2023) - Rated 17 May 2024
"A beautiful pace, a dreamy pace. There are moments both magical and poignant, but these are often interrupted by clumsy pieces with an over reliance on exposition. Wonderful but not quite the complete journey I yearned for."
93 96% Mandy (2018) - Rated 28 Oct 2023
"Have you had your soul catch fire and erupt in pitiful flames? It worries not the eyes upon you. Drown in flames sweet child and look upon Cage’s blood-soaked face like the empyrean of light showering off the golden teat of unfettered Lynchian delights. Behold a visage of cinema awoken. Beaming from above."
70 43% Aquaman (2018) - Rated 07 Oct 2023
"“What’s the plan again?” “The plan is to snog, tangle our tongues and play lip inspectors when there are too many casualties from the fight that rages around us.”"
70 43% Layer Cake (2004) - Rated 22 Jul 2023
"Stylish British crime thriller with a carefully cool selection of songs featured throughout. It’s fun to some extent, a little try-hard in parts and dull in others. Passes for entertainment."
75 61% Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) - Rated 23 May 2023
"Two thirds flow pretty well and are decent in establishing a sense of character and then the nostalgia throwbacks kinda ruined that flow. On the other hand it’s hard to think of how to construct a new film in this franchise without fan service. Damned if you do damned if you don’t ey Gozer."
70 43% Legend (2015) - Rated 12 May 2023
"A handful of scenes. Everything else is a shambles. Not the stuff of legend."
92 95% Tom Segura: Ball Hog (2020) - Rated 11 May 2023
"He’s got the stories and the edge and just the right amount of crass. Picture your mum watching this, surrounded by like nine dicks. Pretty damn funny."
70 43% Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side (2009) - Rated 11 May 2023
"It does the thing with the star and the wars but with a family and a guy and some spoofing and goofing."
0% The Collector (2009) - Rated 06 May 2023
"Torture porn seems so labour intensive in this film. Will Collector 2 feature his chiropractor?"