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Member Since: Feb 21, 2018

Location: USA

Bio: I only rate movies that I've seen within a day or two for accuracy purposes. My reviews are mostly just for personal reference (it's amazing how forgettable most films are). After the initial ten minutes, every film I rate starts off with a score of 100. Fuck-up points are then subtracted.

The first ten minutes are the most important part of the film, that's where I judge most critically. If a film doesn't make me want to continue after ten minutes, it goes to 0, and then it has to find it's way back to redemption, point by point, while simultaneously still having points subtracted. So essentially it always comes down to the first ten minutes. A film will not change greatly after the tenth minute (the only exception is Trainspotting). And even if it does, it can go to hell for wasting ten minutes of my life, unless wasting my time was absolutely necessary to make a good point.
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81 54% The Mule (2018) - Sep 11, 2019
"Ever seen a film about cops trying to catch drug dealers? About 100 times? Ever go to that old mall at the edge of town on a beautiful day and watch as the single, senile, geriatric people walk in laps because they're too afraid of the outside world-never thinking twice about all the time they've clocked in? Ever watch paint dry? Sometimes watching the elderly wander about or that dumb movie for the 101st time, or just zoning out doing nothing at all is alright enough. The Mule is alright enough"
82 55% Alive Inside (2014) - Sep 04, 2019
"Fascinating documentary. Essential viewing for anyone who has either a friend or family member suffering with dementia, or anyone who is predisposed to it."
4% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Sep 04, 2019
"This is easily a contender for the worst film ever made. There's nothing redeeming here. It's amazing that a film with a near $200 million budget could create such a colossal piece of shit with special effects that are actually worse than the ones created for the first film 25 years ago!!"
90 74% Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones (2019) - Sep 04, 2019
"Chappelle, Stanhope, and Gervais are the only well known comedians left willing to risk it all, speak honestly, and find the humor in the dark and untouchable, just as Carlin and Pryor did before. Was this special consistently funny? No. It needed edited. Some jokes were poorly crafted, while the show itself had too much dead space. However, at this point in time I'd rather see someone at least make an attempt to challenge minds. A great non-malicious rebuttal for today's easily offended culture"
16 21% Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - Sep 03, 2019
"Very nice use of music, outstanding cinematography, and a great performance by Jeff Bridges. That aside, this film is quite dull. "
17 21% The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018) - Sep 03, 2019
"There's definitely a story here, but it's not told in an interesting, realistic, or enthralling way. It plays like a shitty Lifetime movie, full of cliche writing and melodrama. I known religious extremists like this, and they are just as unbearable as they are in this film, yet somehow the antagonists here just aren't believable. I get Akhavan's intention to demonize them, but she goes too far by erasing the humanness of her characters, which is patronizing and overly-preachy. Moretz is great!"
64 39% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Aug 30, 2019
"Throughout the entire film I couldn't stop thinking 'WHY THE FUCK WAS ERIC NALLY NOT CAST FOR THIS ROLE?' Every singer, no matter how gifted, can be replicated by SOMEONE, and Eric is he. Something bothers me about people lip-synching in a lead role. It makes me go back and forth from suspending disbelief, which is annoying. It takes the film from a 9 to a 6. Rami is just ok. That being said, the film tells the story well--very similar to how Control, the Ian Curtis/Joy Division biopic is told."
80 52% The Lucky Ones (2008) - Aug 30, 2019
"Nothing in the writing of this film is very novel or surprising (honestly, pretty much everything is rather predictable). However, the lack of script's originality surprisingly doesn't make it a bad film. What really makes this film worth watching is the character development and the unbelievably convincing acting performances by Robbins, McAdams, and Peña. All three play likable characters who bring a sense of genuine comfort and humanness to the film that you don't typically see in road films"
10 18% Then Came You (2018) - Jul 06, 2019
"Where did Asa's enthusiasm for acting go?! It's hard to believe the guy in this film is the same brilliant child actor from Hugo. He needs to take some acting classes, stop being in these shitty projects and then find a better agent. Meanwhile, Koechner keeps getting better."
87 65% Wings of Desire (1987) - Jun 20, 2019