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Film Freak - 774 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 21, 2018

Location: USA

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Bio: I only rate things that I've seen within a day or two for accuracy purposes. My reviews are mostly just for personal reference (it's amazing how forgettable most films are).

The quantification of anything is fun. I only look at the raw number, never the percentile. I hope Criticker does away with it. We can get a better sense of a rating from a raw score than a percentile, unless we have to sit through a bunch of movies that we know for certain are going to be awful. Most of us aren't doing that. I mostly grade on an academic grading scale between 60-100. Anything below a 60 is not worth the time.

If I ever become incapacitated and can't speak for myself I want my highest active TCI to put me down and then have my lowest active TCI make a film about it. Please try to get Ben Foster to play me. I've included this in my living will, so be prepared for that message if that person is you.
more Recent Ratings
90 76% Eddie Pepitone: In Ruins (2014) - Jun 25, 2020
"Hilarious. One of the best comedians around today. Only one minor annoyance. "
24 25% Eight Men Out (1988) - Jun 24, 2020
"Cliche and boring. The story itself isn't terribly fascinating and the film manages to emphatically drive that point home. Absolutely zero creative vision from John Sayles. I can appreciate a good baseball film, but this isn't one of them. Very dull."
10% Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (2020) - Jun 24, 2020
"I'm not rating the story here, just the filmmaking itself. This is EXTRAORDINARILY lazy documentary filmmaking. I cannot emphasize that point enough. This documentary presented almost nothing that I didn't already know about Epstein and this case, which frankly already wasn't very much. Why even bother making a four hour documentary if you're not going to deliver something new, even if that something isn't terribly interesting. Don't waste your time with this."
92 82% The Vast of Night (2020) - Jun 20, 2020
"One of the most impressive directorial performances I've seen in a long time. I've watched it four times now. It doesn't really get old. I'm in awe of how creative this film is. You'd never know this was a directorial debut made on a budget. If the craft is there, a great director can make paint drying entertaining. You may not be thrilled with the film's subject (I wasn't), but that's really all pretty secondary. This is a gem in the art of filmmaking."
41 31% Take Me (2017) - Jun 18, 2020
"Ehh. I appreciate the attempt. There's definitely a good idea for a script here, but this just doesn't deliver in a satisfying way. While it's mostly watchable, it's also rather dull. The main problem is that the joke stretches on for far too long. It's told over and over again without offering anything new. That aside, Pat Healy gives a good performance. "
73 45% Trinkets (2019) - Jun 18, 2020
"This show actually works pretty well--parts of it at least. The Tabitha character doesn't work so well, at least not as a main character. The writers simply give her incredibly dull dialog. Otherwise, it's an enjoyable show. The humor is good, but underused. Kiana Madeira, who plays Moe, is the highlight of the series. Nice soundtrack, as well. There's room for improvement, lots of room, but it's still mostly watchable. It jumps the shark at S1E9, adding way too much gratuitous melodrama."
15 20% Before I Fall (2017) - Jun 16, 2020
"The moral of the story is important, but the story itself did very little for me."
14 20% The Night Clerk (2020) - Jun 15, 2020
"Most films never get Asperger's right. The closest film to do so is Adam. This film manages to capture a few traits quite well, but overall the presentation is extreme. It's another film that greatly exaggerates the stereotypes. That aside, this film just doesn't have a whole to say and feels quite empty. It's a crime drama...but also not. That idea really never takes off. It tries to use crime as a vehicle for showcasing what it's like to have Asperger's, but it fails. Also, it's just boring."
43 32% Rocketman (2019) - Jun 11, 2020
"Pretty much everything exactly as I expected it to be, with a few additional disappointments and annoyances. There's simply not much substance here, just the typical rock star cliche biopic bullshit, which all feels very amateurish. It's not terrible, the fantasy adds some depth, but overall it's just kinda blah. The poor cast doesn't help. This is no fault of John. His autobiography is quite the page turner, full of interesting anecdotes. He has material, it's just not captured very well here."
86 65% The Wild World of Hasil Adkins (1993) - Jun 11, 2020
"It's the wild world of Hasil Adkins. Even though the filming is crude, it's hard to look away from the one man show."