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Member Since: Feb 21, 2018

Location: USA

Bio: I only rate movies that I've seen within a day or two for accuracy purposes. My reviews are mostly just for personal reference (it's amazing how forgettable most films are).
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94 86% Of Human Bondage (1934) - Feb 19, 2020
"The best version of the amazing Maugham masterpiece. There was a short period in Hollywood history (the 13 or so years prior to 1945) where themes were actually pretty intellectual, at least compared to what it has mostly churned out since. This is definitely one of those films that defines that era. I'm not a huge Bette Davis fan. I don't really get it. Still, this is a great adaptation worth watching. "
80 53% Maniac (2018) - Feb 14, 2020
"Unique and strange show. Very pleasant to watch. I don't typically make it through an entire seven hour film project, but this one was captivating. It exists in a weird space, constantly undulating from being creative and fascinating to ridiculously bland and lackluster. I wanted to like this a bit more than I did. It's missing pieces, and some things are just pretty awful or absurd. Jonah Hill's calming voice is all that redeems his uninspired acting. It's not bad. Definitely worth a try."
16% The Lighthouse (2019) - Feb 09, 2020
"I immediately had a bad feeling about this one from the very first frame. Oh good, a black & white film with an annoying, unnecessary aspect ratio, but with perfect sharpness and clarity--really makes you feel as if you stepped back in time 130 years. Kidding. The Lighthouse is a pretentious mess of a film with nothing to offer other than frustration. The acting performances aren't convincing. The writing is repetitive. There's probably a story here, but this is poorly executed at every corner."
30 28% Looking for Alaska (2019) - Feb 07, 2020
"The script and story are amateurishly underwhelming. Character development is poor. The actors are given very little to work with. Plummer is an exceptional actor, yet you'd never know based on this miniseries. Same is true for Jones and Love. The soundtrack is good. Artistically, the production is dull. Though despite being mediocre in almost every way, it's still somewhat watchable, but barely. This is my introduction to John Green. I don't understand the hype. Not as intellectual as some say."
82 56% Do I Sound Gay? (2014) - Jan 31, 2020
"I sought this out after my doctor presumed I was gay (and consequently, obviously, a huge slut who needed a bunch of extra tests and vaccines) which kind of irked me. Sounding gay, as I do, has always bothered me (much like the main subject of this film), but for me mostly because I don't identify as gay and that's led to some annoying consequences. Anyway, this documentary is well made. It's both very funny and insightful. It may seem too specific and limited to be entertaining, but it's not. "
91 78% Revolutionary Road (2008) - Jan 25, 2020
"A perfect screenplay and some of the best acting performances I've ever seen. Fantastic film."
60 37% Drive (2011) - Jan 25, 2020
"Eh. Decent. Watchable, but not incredibly novel."
92 81% Okja (2017) - Jan 22, 2020
"As an ALF sympathizer, I appreciate what this film sets out to accomplish (not including the anti-GMO BS; it's not a huge aspect of the film's central theme, but still annoying and irrelevant.) Even though at times it's tone deaf, it's mostly profound, entertaining and novel. Despite its typical Bong campiness, It's effective where it counts. This film would never had even been considered by a major studio, much less made, even 10 years ago. That's pretty incredible, hopeful progress."
23 25% Steve Jobs (2015) - Jan 21, 2020
"Decent acting performances (not great), which is disappointing considering the talented cast. As a fan of Winslet specifically, it was cringey seeing her deliver the majority of her lines. This film has a horribly boring, bland script. I know very little about Apple or Jobs; unfortunately, the screenwriters seemed to know just about as much. What I didn't know, I didn't care to know. Jobs really isn't all that interesting of a person. Maybe in 2115 this film would work, but it's too soon. "
13% Between Worlds (2018) - Jan 18, 2020
"So bad not even Nick Cage can save this film or even make it watchable. Absolutely brutal film. "