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Member Since: Feb 21, 2018

Location: USA

Bio: I only rate movies that I've seen within a day or two for accuracy purposes. My reviews are mostly just for personal reference (it's amazing how forgettable most films are). After the initial ten minutes, every film I rate starts off with a score of 100. Fuck-up points are then subtracted.

The first ten minutes are the most important part of the film, that's where I judge most critically. If a film doesn't make me want to continue after ten minutes, it goes to 0, and then it has to find it's way back to redemption, point by point, while simultaneously still having points subtracted. So essentially it always comes down to the first ten minutes. A film will not change greatly after the tenth minute. And even if it does, it can go to hell for wasting ten minutes of my life, unless wasting my time was absolutely necessary to make a good point.

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100 99% After Life (2019) - Mar 12, 2019
"Twice now Gervais has become a critical voice for the voiceless, first for the animals, and now for those suffering through crippling grief. Audacious, apt humor and unprecedented insight into the subject of unbearable grief, and how to find hope when all you see is despair. Gervais is a brilliant mind, and this is by far the best thing he's ever created. This is one of the absolute most honest, profound, endearing, and insightful scripts I’ve ever encountered—TV or film. "
13% It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) - Mar 12, 2019
"I've only watched about 20 episodes (should be enough), but they were all excruciatingly bad. I like the premise, enough to give it several attempts, but it's always been a disappointment. It's poorly written and the delivery is worse. Aside from DeVito, the actors are awful and have poor comedic timing. I smiled a few times, but never was I greatly entertained. Poor flow, bad jokes, poor character development, obnoxious characters, bad acting, predictable, lacking humanness/robotic, forced."
16 21% The Butterfly Effect (2004) - Mar 11, 2019
"This film makes a few glaring mistakes starting with the first scene, which is a complete spoiler. But even knowing how the story will likely unfold, the film has some entertainment value for about the first half of the film, but then it just rapidly declines and falls flat by becoming tedious, gratuitous and borderline campy/mildly disturbing."
18 22% Free Solo (2018) - Mar 09, 2019
"A sociopath climbs a mountain and lives to tell about it. Maybe it's a big deal in the world of rock climbing but I wasn't terribly interested. I think we were all kinda hoping he'd fall. At least then there'd be a story. Unfortunately, I Googled him about half way through and realized it was going to be one of those feel-good, motivational movies. Fuck that. Academy Awards are for bores."
17% Maudie (2016) - Mar 07, 2019
"I was extraordinarily bored with this film. I'm a little perplexed as to how this film got the green light. "
45 33% The Phenom (2016) - Mar 07, 2019
"This film is distressing. While tension and suffocation are the central themes of the film, it's not easy to watch. Simmons and Hawke are very effective, however the writing fails to find an equilibrium for the viewer. The film captures the tension of its subject very well, but it's simply too much to digest and consequently doesn't translate well into a satisfying film. "
35 29% Hamlet (2000) - Mar 07, 2019
"I wanted to like this, but I didn't. The dialog is simply too forced. At times the verbatim dialog works, but in general it doesn't. Hawke and Stiles are convincing, but everyone else falls flat. "
78 48% National Treasure (2004) - Mar 04, 2019
"I feel a bit dirty giving a positive score to a Bruckheimer film, but for an action/adventure film, a genre I don't typically go for, it works pretty well. Despite it's silliness, it kept my attention and provided a nice two hour distraction. Certainly about a hundred times better than anything Spielberg could ever put together."
20 24% Left Behind (2014) - Mar 04, 2019
"Proof that Nick Cage can bring entertainment value to absolutely any film."
14% Permanent Vacation (1980) - Mar 04, 2019
"Jarmusch is full of shit. Pretentious, banal, patronizing shit. If there's one thing he's good at it's wasting your time with nonsense. I gave it three points for having some historical significance, but by no means is it enough to warrant 75 minutes of your time."