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0 film ratings

Movie Buff - 442 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 17, 2016

Location: USA

Bio: Knowledge governs all I am passionate about. I love viewing movies in my home theater (mostly world/indie cinema, with the occasional highly praised blockbuster). I also enjoy pub quizzes. They are a way of using some of the arcane knowledge I acquire. The questions can also stimulate conversation & discovery. Live music is 1 of the rare other things that will drag me to a bar. I am partially obsessive about certified organic lacto-ovo vegetarian food, but I am dichotomous in that I will eat almost anything in gourmet dining experiences. I am all about striving for balance & efficiency in my world/ecosystem. My 3 year old twin girls are a big part of my world.

Who has been the most influential people in my life?1st would be 2 of my English Lit. teachers in high school. They taught me that I could create my own art. And even if it was not conventional (it was not), it could be appreciated (it was). They also helped set me on a path to self guided instruction. This would enable me to connect more fully with my college professors of ecology & sociology. Some of the people/art that would come to influence me are Leonard Cohen, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Job, Epicurus, Tom Waits, Razor's Edge, Stranger in a Strange Land, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, NPR, ACLU, Food of the Gods Terrence McKenna. What are somethings I wish people could know about me but do not?All of the things you can not know through just appearance or superficial interactions (I am an ENTJ). I wish that we could reveal everything about ourselves & history instantly. It would avoid some disappointed expectations and eliminate inappropriate matches...cough cough L 6" cir 4"... Initially, some people do not think I am listening very closely to them. My appearance of distraction comes from my weighing of what they say. I run their words through my mind from numerous angles, excited to present the new perspectives I have gleaned from what they are saying. The look on my face of distraction with other thoughts really is my concentration on their thoughts and the process I go through to assimilate what they are saying

What are five things that I can not live without?
HD home theater
electric car charging stations
certified organic food (mostly lacto-ovo vegetarian)

What do I look for in an ideal match?
A thirst for knowledge & experience. From that, the ability to know thyself & fully communicate all those complicated truths honestly. But also, to be able to accept said communications back. To be consistent (even in ones inconsistencies). MUST LOVE CINEMA Not the unimaginative crud that Hollywood often spoon feeds the public, but the work of artists attempting to communicate something greater using the medium that combines all arts (fine, music, stage, literature..)..You must be able to admit when you are wrong & learn from mistakes.

I like cats, dogs, and horses.
I get along with most animals. They connect with me and sense that I can be a bit of a pushover, so they occasionally walk all over me. Although I can be firm and commanding with them, when necessary.

I do not believe in astrology

Favorite hot spots
Any decent place with buzztime. The Westport area. I am relatively new to KCMO. Introduce me to some cool places. I wanna go to, cool places with you... And If you answer everything to any favorites questions, then It Aint Me Babe

University of New Orleans - New Orleans, LA

Favorite things
Blue Velvet,City of Lost Children,Breaking the Waves,Tom Waits,Clockwork Orange,Dr. Strangelove,Tampopo,Faster Pussycat Kill Kill,5 Easy Pieces,Harold and Maude,6 Feet Under,Leonard Cohen,Peeping Tom,Willie Dixon,Louis Armstong,Leolo,Enter the void, Food of the Gods Terence Mckenna.

For fun
World / independent cinema (in home theater). Pub quizzes. Gourmet dining events. Live music (in an intimate setting). Theater. Buzztime trivia. Mixology. Organic / mostly vegetarian (lacto-ovo) daily cooking. Voracious reader. NPR. Birkenstock shoes

Last read
Herzog by Saul Bellow but I do not have anything to say about it

5′ 9″
Body type: About average
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black (shaved due to displeasure with hair loss pattern)

Smoke: No Way

Drink: Yes - Moderately

Occupation: Govt / Civil Service
Due to Hatch Act, an unnamed government agency. Let us just say I see the effect of the biotech industry on our food supply. The amount of food contaminated with GMOs is high! I HATE MONSANTO, Synegenta, BASF, Dow, Dupont and Bayer!

Income: $50,001 to $75,000

Relationship: Currently Separated (divorce begins soon)

Do I Have kids: Yes, and they sometimes live at home (more than 3)

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian with 1/4th Spanish
I was lucky enough to be adopted by a caring, comfortable family. I do not have a first hand heritage that connects to my ethnicities. I just sample from the buffet of culture that is available to the modern American citizen.

I am Spiritual but not religious
I have no interest in anyone who thinks their version of religion is the only right way(including self-righteously sure Atheist).If there is a God, I can not believe that god would require the saved to find the only right religion throughout the world.

Bachelors of Science, General Studies Pre-Law began at LSU (Louisiana State University) and completed at UNO (University of New Orleans).
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