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Location: Brasília, Brazil

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50 33% They Came Together (2014) - Jun 19, 2018
"Absurdist self-conscious film that wants desperately to update corny romcoms by following a couple getting divorce telling their crazy love story to friends. Often silly, with some good gags — Shannon as the crazy ex-husband being shot by the police, the amount of off-rails horny and stupid dialogues and situations — but never very acomplished in its satirical ambitions."
55 43% The Hurricane Heist (2018) - Jun 17, 2018
"It works on so many retarded levels that it ends up being the best disaster movie in quite some time. Some scenes are just amazing -- SKULL STORM that chases the brothers starting and ending the movie, the entire mall sequence is masterpiece -- and the brothers story kind of work, too. Total silliness in the final act -- trucks battling for space in the storm's eye -- and some vitality in villains trials -- the scene betrayal is cool. This would've been truly if directed by Harlin."
50 33% Borg vs. McEnroe (2017) - Jun 16, 2018
"The game itself is nicely shot, but it deserved better personality in the first half, focused on the athlete's backstory. It's amazing how the dude who interpreted Borg looks like Tom Hiddleston."
60 49% A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) - Jun 16, 2018
"Not particularly scary, but Sholder has a good eye for practical effects - Freddy bursting out of the protagonist's belly is really awesome to represent how much he is influencing and possessing him --, not so much to plot development -- Jesse is a closeted teenage struggling with supernatural stuff and his feelings for his best friend, and she eventually goes to the boiling room to try to save him. A mix of ridiculous (bird attack) and nice stuff (pool party attack, opening scenes, final bus)."
90 94% Eastern Condors (1987) - Jun 14, 2018
"A film so invested in multiple variations in action movement -- physically powerful martial arts (these guys must have broken something), machete fights, machine gun mass killings, gunfights, Biao showing his best against the giggling villain, Sammo too, the three Cambodian female heroes kicking asses, Sammo killing dudes with LEAVES -- and so beautifully staged and choreographed that it feels impossible not to love it. Pure energy in the form of both slowmos and frenzy, unstoppable scenes."
50 33% Ocean's 8 (2018) - Jun 11, 2018
"Lazily shot -- too many vignettes for few bright plot mechanisms, as expected from any heist movie --, but the cast is charming and the heist itself is nicely staged. Some stuff just doesn't click though -- Rihanna has screen presence, but no talent to act, why would they risk it all by stealing less valuable jewelry? in this same sub-heist there is a really unfortunate MI-ish sequence with a toy submarine, come on. Not half smart as it poses to be."
50 33% Wonder Wheel (2017) - Jun 10, 2018
"It obviously draws from Williams' work to create an intensely dramatic atmosphere of a woman trapped in a common, unhappy life. It ends as it starts - this married waitress just living the life she gets, managing her troubled, dependant, sometimes violent husband and her cinephile son who enjoys burning things. Timberlake's character - the narrator - doesn't click, as it doesn't the marked woman plot involving Belushi's daughter. Very irregular work punctuated by Storaro's lighting."
60 49% Revenge (2017) - Jun 09, 2018
"Rape and revenge updated by French extremity. It works when it doesn't try so hard to be stylish - neo-western section -, but some stuff seems from a glorious 90s actioner - nightmarish bad trip with two beautiful headshots, beer can used to contain a wound. She starts by killing the man who let her be raped, then kills off the rapist - a man who needs air-con to endure desert - and finally the cynical lover. Script sometimes is too on the nose - "women always have to put up a fucking fight"."
95 98% Dirty Ho (1976) - Jun 07, 2018
"Maybe the most expressive martial arts ever made. A low-profile prince contracts a jewelry and con artist to protect him from assassins, but what really matters here is how everything is staged. A pure action movie dedicated to power of gestures, like an antiques/paintings exchange and a wine tasting mediated through bodies in motion - a conversation through movement. Wang uses a girl's body to fight Ho. A dude from the Tigresses gang fight with his MOUTH. Final sequence is pure joy."
70 70% Arábia (2017) - Jun 06, 2018