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Member Since: Dec 29, 2008

Location: Brasília, Brazil

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40 13% A Wrinkle in Time (2018) - Jul 17, 2018
45 24% Rampage (2018) - Jul 15, 2018
"Almost a nice rated R movie about genetic editing and weaponized DNA starring The Rock and a bunch of giant, perfect predators. "
65 61% A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) - Jul 15, 2018
"As Nancy returns to help a doctor a group of suicidal teens paying for their father's sin - of burning Krueger to death - we know a bit more about the villain's origins - "the bastard son of a hundred maniacs" - and face some amazing special effects - TV murder is awesome ("welcome to primetime!"), junkyard scene - while these kids use dream abilities - Arquette basically becomes a super-athlete - to confront the stalker. Climax is a bit annoying - why that skeleton attack?. More fun than scary."
85 91% Pedicab Driver (1989) - Jul 14, 2018
"It starts out as comedy, spends some time being a romcom - of the four pedicab friends, two fall in love, one with a prostitute, the other with a girl aimed to be one by a gangster -, gets really dramatic, a powerful friendship story and then finally a violent revenge flick when friends try to avenge Malted Candy and his girl. Working-class heroes also battling for respect for women, as one of them is forced by his friends to say sorry for the girl he humiliated because she was a prostitute."
65 61% Isle of Dogs (2018) - Jul 13, 2018
65 61% Ballade vom kleinen Soldaten (1984) - Jul 12, 2018
"Often haunting war documentary that starts depicting Miskito people talking about personal and collective tragedies — villages lost, relatives slaughtered — to then show the immediate consequence of the guerrilla: 8 to 11 year old boys trained to fire machine guns and mortars and fight the Sandinistas, that also recruited kids by force. These little guys are already dead, as says the french photographer, recalling WWII. They, too, lost everything. Even their future."
65 61% Win It All (2017) - Jul 10, 2018
"When a gambler’s shitty life gets worse after spending a prisoner’s money, all he must do is finally become an adult — falls for the right girl, accepts working for his brother (who owns a lawn cutting firm), stops gambling. And then the criminal is getting out sooner and he desperately needs money and has to gamble again. So affective and straightforward and fun, even if the romance never clicks. Delicious dialogue. Good flick about the ups and downs, high stakes life."
50 33% Skyscraper (2018) - Jul 10, 2018
60 49% The Gambler (2014) - Jul 08, 2018
"Ridiculous ending almost makes this worse than it really is. Character is kind of scary given how self-destructive he is — discards his rich heritage for a fuck you life getting involved in debts with three different gangsters, betting on luck even when other lives are at stake. All or nothing. He gambles till the very end — and succeeds."
40 13% Dying of the Light (2014) - Jul 07, 2018
"Politically confusing — some dumb ideas about Obama’s foreign politics and values in a world living a stealth, silent war — and often rewarding for Cage’s overacting. Plot starts interesting — two dying men opposed by different world views — but gets convoluted and uneven. "