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Member Since: Dec 29, 2008

Location: Brasília, Brazil

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45 24% Swallow (2020) - Apr 08, 2020
50 33% Unsane (2018) - Apr 07, 2020
"The iPhone approach doesn't bother me -- its deep, sparse lighting, for example -- but it also doesn't serve to anything new, despite Soderbergh's constant vibrant interest in fabricating scenes of unease and discomfort. He continues in his crusade of criticizing late capitalism and cheap human connections in the era of digital life and disposable images, but I think the divided plot -- #metoo stalker thriller vs asylum thriller - never gets as intriguing as he planned. Foy and Leonard are great"
65 62% Underwater (2020) - Apr 05, 2020
"I'm all for this disaster, Lovecraftian, creature, survival horror disguised as a disposable Alien ripoff. K-Stew saving the couple by putting them in pods and then exploding the bottom of the ocean -- and the giant creature and the "tiny" creatures all along -- is all we need to face coronavirus in this quarantine."
70 71% The Lords of Salem (2012) - Apr 04, 2020
"It's incredible how Zombie got better with no handicam. He goes full slow-burn folk horror in this contemporary, Lynchian take on Salem's past. A former crystal meth addict DJ listens to "devil's music", which channels the curse of witches toasted by Hawthorne and now Moon's character - at her best - seems haunted to a fate of sacrifice and everlasting doom. Zombie's savage imagery feels both poetic and putrid, morbid and horny. Those apartment/hall shots are some of the best of his career"
25 3% Vivarium (2019) - Apr 03, 2020
"Suburbicon directed by Lanthimos."
50 33% Motherless Brooklyn (2019) - Apr 02, 2020
"Nobody asked for such an arrogant expository detective story with some baffingly bad directorial choices -- the political, racial overtones involving inequality and the NY mogul that is destroying "slums" to build "progress" through bridges and real estate chic shit actually go nowhere --, but I kinda liked it, though: Norton's Primal Fear performance is ridiculously funny and sometimes it's nice just to lay back and relax watching an actor-driven story. Bloated as hell, but that's ok."
30 6% Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) - Apr 01, 2020
"We all get Smith's point: an update to his "belovable" characters while tapping into a whole new different pop culture zeitgeist right now -- nerd/geek conventions, diversity, 90s nostalgia, podcasts, stabs at Smith's own flawed career -- and mantaining the non-stop, horny, constantly cursing vibe. Not very good at everything it tries. Also, as a friend has noticed, Smith has gotten worse in recent years in the sense he's managed to get MORE clueless about what he is actually shooting."
70 71% First Love (2019) - Mar 30, 2020
"Easygoing, cruel and romantic. Miike is the only guy in the world who could direct such rollercoaster: poetic and frenzy yakuza thriller, romcom... It all happens during a Tokyo night where a down-and-outer boxer helps a druggy call girl in a whirlwind after a crystal meth scam goes wrong - yakuza and a dirty cop are to blame. Now we've got a mafia war between a chinese gang led by an armless Triad dude and yakuza guys, a widow crazy for revenge and et al. Many fun movies in one comic book fest"
30 6% The Hunt (2020) - Mar 29, 2020
"It's not even 30% provocative of what it wanted to be. Tries desperately to capture a post-Trump divided nation and it manages to get nowhere. Action stuff sucks, not to mention the cartoonish intent of exposing both sides' hypocrisy -- LOL. Highlight here is how beautiful Hilary Swank is when she shows up. "
50 33% On Body and Soul (2017) - Mar 29, 2020
"Most of it doesn't really click for me, mostly because it takes almost half the running time to get where it wants. But Enyedi's framing of Borbély's magnetic performance is truly the highlight here."