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Location: Brasília, Brazil

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60 49% The Predator (2018) - Sep 11, 2018
60 49% Predators (2010) - Sep 09, 2018
"Basically repeats the videogame/survival set-up from the first, but this time it advances a bit in mythology as we follow human monsters, as Alice Braga's characters says, facing otherwordly monsters - as Laurence Fishburne's crazy characters shows and as we learned from P2, when Glover received a 19 century gun from the predators, this has been happening for centuries. Some nicely staged scenes - the corridors in Noland's fort, the yakuza warrior fighting with a samurai sword. Decent actioner."
55 43% Predator 2 (1990) - Sep 09, 2018
"Sometimes too cartoonish (predator hunts heavy-armed Colombian and Jamaican gang members), but Danny delivers as fearless LAPD veteran trying to avenge his partner. Doesn't quite work as the urban jungle expansion of the first movie, mainly because Hopkins is no McT, but there are some good action scenes - subway killing - and its 45 final minutes really makes the case for mythology - Harrigan discovers the ship, Alien and human skulls, meets lots of them and is spared to tell the story."
65 61% Terror e Êxtase (1979) - Sep 09, 2018
50 33% A República Dos Assassinos (1979) - Sep 09, 2018
50 33% The Nun (2018) - Sep 06, 2018
30 5% Skyline (2010) - Sep 03, 2018
"Every scene that doesn't involve CGI is sufferable. But it as some amateurish appeal. POV from a group of friends shows an alien invasion that has no apparent reason - we only know they are here to steal our brains. Final so weird it actually delivers - Jarrod's brain is put on alien and he saves his pregnant wife, facing his colleagues before the end. The amount of stupid stuff is impressive - the rich dude who betrays his girl dying with his affair, Jarrod killing an alien with his bare hands."
40 13% The Trial (2018) - Sep 02, 2018
"Sometimes interesting, but not always engrossing documentary from the point of view of the defense. It seems urgent but also without personality."
35 9% Truth or Dare (2018) - Sep 01, 2018
"It really doesn't know how to use its gameplay into the plot, so badly written. But I really liked the finale, when the game spreads worldwide through Olivia's truth or dare YouTube video."
65 61% Let the Corpses Tan (2017) - Aug 31, 2018
"A robbery turns into a psychedelic and kind of erotic journey into visual arts, western and siege film. Every shot is both a delight and empty exercise in style that do more to make a simple plot elusive than actually move the narrative. But this mix of gunshot stylish gore - each one looks like an art installation -, ritualistic - girl painted in bronze or gold against the sun light pissing, spilling champagne from her breasts and stuff - and almost religious moments make this worth watching."