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50 33% Angel Has Fallen (2019) - Dec 03, 2019
"Maybe the best in this franchise. Still looks like a 24 ripoff, but this time around we at least get some over the top heavy fire and Nick Nolte as Nick Nolte living Banning's estranged father."
70 71% Home With a View (2019) - Dec 03, 2019
"Bizarre, self-depreciative, hilarious and weirdo neighborhood comedy about a family of wackos and lazy relatives losing their minds after a next door dude puts an outdoor that blocks their view of the sea. They end up killing people and going to a mental house with a view... of the sea, but before we see all kinds of stuff that only Yau could pull off -- crammed, heavily colored and illuminated places, comic set-pieces that go from suicidal to psychopathy and a Kafkian remarks about bureaucracy."
45 24% Ready or Not (2019) - Nov 29, 2019
"The old "rich people have a pact with the devil" trope works for a while, but it's just too bad the execution never feels as relaxed and creative as it should, despite a strong performance by Weaving. But I really loved that splatter ending -- bodies exploding from the inside as the curse revealed to be actually true."
65 62% Tightrope (1984) - Nov 28, 2019
"Quasi-horror serial killer thriller that manages to be melancholic and somber as hell -- the scene where Wes finds his girl with handcuffs lying in bed seeming dead is one of the scariest stuff Eastwood has ever been involved with. Wes' prostitute lovers are the targets of the killer, as he comes closer and closer to the policeman's depressive, lonely life."
65 62% Pass Over (2018) - Nov 27, 2019
"Two black guys can't share dreams of going to promised land -- a place somewhere or, in the most dramatic context, maybe heaven -- without being bothered -- see, I'm being light here -- by the police or a white dude that seems to have traveled in time from slavery times. Comparing to Rodney King, it feels more cinematic and less poetic. Still a strong, necessary statement on police brutality and racism in America. As Moses says, a black body is a dead body only waiting for when, who and where."
60 50% Frailty (2001) - Nov 26, 2019
"Despite Paxton not bringing anything marvelous to a pretty recognizable serial killer story -- it is 90s flick all over --, this is a fun ride as both haunting childhood story -- dad taught kids they were demon slayers, with lists filled with names of random people (or demons) to be destroyed, not killed -- and twist-ending pulpy thriller. McCo is a true highlight. Too bad the finale accepts the visions were all true instead of leaving us with wicked ambiguities -- craziness or illumination?"
65 62% The Official Story (1985) - Nov 26, 2019
"Bourgeois guilt as a form of political awakening for a mid-age woman who finds her adopted daughter is a missing baby of a missing, actually assassined, couple of leftists. Strong acting does all the stuff here, but Puenzo manages to combine a dramatic family story with the trauma of a nation in their most violent period."
45 24% The Ranger (2018) - Nov 24, 2019
"Gore is good and it's cool to see this typical B-movie dynamics in a 90s atmosphere -- a bunch of punk kids running from cops and ending in the hands of a sadistic park ranger who cites the law before killing visitors and hunters. Protagonist's backstory seems uneven and just misplaced, but Wexler keeps interest alive until the end. It also could've explored a bit more the mystical, naturalistic, ancient stuff -- the ranger wore a wolf costume, howled and that was it."
20 2% Climax (2018) - Nov 24, 2019
"Well. Typical Noé's cynicism and perfume advertising expertise serving an empty exercise of world-ending bad trip with sex, drugs, a pregnant woman being beaten by another woman, a mother locking her only on at a windowless room and losing the key and some more grotesque porn-like "statements" on contemporary urban life. Whatever."
70 71% 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) - Nov 21, 2019
"Two sisters fighting for their lives underwater again, but the connection with the first stops here. Roberts manages to go beyond The Descent ripoff by placing an enormous amount of beautiful imagery every time he can -- mixing light, shadows, mud, sirens, screaming and water -- and relentless twists. He's really a showoff. Good for us. Four teens dive in tunnels leading to a Maya underground lost city, only to find themselves trapped there with lots of blind great white sharks swimming around. "