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90 96% Poor Things (2023) - 02 Feb 2024
"Emma Stone gives the performance of a lifetime, flanked by a mesmerizing cast with a hilarious Ruffalo being a stand-out among stand-outs. Lanthimos has managed to create a wonderfully absurd and unique take on Frankenstein, stylistically akin to hayday Jeunet (with a few digital sets being the movie's only small blemishes) but most definitely its own wondrous thing."
65 58% Out of the Furnace (2013) - 24 Jan 2024
"At its heart this is a pretty simple and basic revenge film elevated by an amazing cast and a first act that takes its time really soaking in that backwater Pennsylvanian atmosphere. As such it reminded me a lot about Shane Meadow's Dead Man's Shoes, and like that, the third act didn't really land for me, feeling a bit too run of the (steel) mill."
65 58% Scream (2022) - 23 Jan 2024
"Surprisingly well made re-quel (to use their own term), that nails the meta fun of the original, with one ongoing "open/close fridge/cabinet door jumpscare" gag being particularly amusing. It may be fairly light on actual horror/suspense though, but still the best installment since the original two, and the killer's motive was pure gold."
65 58% Soldaten og Jenny (1947) - 11 Jan 2024
"First off, the acting and production as a whole is (even for its time) stilted and at times bordering dilettantish, to the point of being difficult to take serious (especially if you understand Danish). But the story in itself, tackling abortion and the double standards of the society at the time, is fantastic and nuanced, invoking the greyzone morality of Fritz Lang's best."
60 49% Reacher (2022) - 09 Jan 2024
"Amazon seems satisfied with churning out action shows seemingly molded from the 90s action movie playbook, and god knows this one clings to every conceivable cliche the genre offers like scripture, but there's just enough selfawareness and humor to make it watchable."
45 24% Jungle Cruise (2021) - 30 Dec 2023
"Completely forgot I watched this a year ago. ...Or was it two? Well, it only underscores how completely forgettable and bland it was. The only thing I really remember of it, is that Dwayne Johnson was miscast as the lead, despite his love of all things jungle."
40 18% Plane (2023) - 21 Dec 2023
55 42% Nattevagten - Dæmoner går i arv (2023) - 20 Dec 2023
"Bornedal is a fine director, and arguably works much better within this genre than most others. But his writing has always been a bit janky, here especially prevalent in the meeting between characters and genre tropes. The first hour or so worked well enough, especially most scenes with the young cast, but as the story progressed, things slowly fell apart in contrivances, telegraphed twists and downright lazy plotting. A shame, because to my surprise, it actually had potential."
65 58% The Killer (2023) - 18 Dec 2023
"Well, it's Fincher doing a Soderberg: A small genre exercise seemingly done over a week where he didn't have anything else to do. It's not bad, though the dialogue and VO in particular is a bit wonky, but considering the director, you'd kinda hope for a bit more. Nice to see Fassbender again though. Feels like it's been a while."
85 92% Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - 17 Dec 2023
"Wonderfully witty and charming courtroom drama, with a pitch perfect leading performance from Laughton."