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Member Since: Mar 25, 2020

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95 25% The Magnificent Seven (2016) - Feb 14, 2022
"Hollywood has a way to make the Wild West or pirates feel so awesome even though the reality was very different. Great cast,great action,good movie."
99 80% Blade (1998) - Oct 05, 2020
"One of the best action films with vampires you're gonna see.What I like about this movie is that even though Blade is part of the Marvel universe the movie does not feel like a marvel movie.It's the movie that kinda started the whole superhero films frenzy that still exists today."
98 62% Face/Off (1997) - Oct 05, 2020
"Cage vs. Travolta in an over the top action film with over the top acting...pure gold."
98 62% Wonder Woman (2017) - Oct 04, 2020
"The best movie in DCU by far in my opinion. Han's girlfriend turned out to be a very good wonder woman."
99 80% Meet Joe Black (1998) - Oct 04, 2020
"One of my favorite love movies ever.Amazing performance from Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt."
95 25% Prometheus (2012) - Oct 04, 2020
"As a standalone film it is a very good sci-fi/horror with great visuals and good actors.But as a movie taking place in the Alien universe it falls short."
97 43% Snatch (2000) - Oct 04, 2020
"Great cast,awesome movie!"
30 1% Game of Thrones (2011) - Sep 11, 2020
"The greatest failure in the history of television.The absolute terrible ending that was S8 has made it that I will never be able to watch the show again.This show was dependant on the ending more than any other show and it blew it.D&D(Dumb&Dumber) should be outcast from Hollywood and people should throw tomatoes when they see them walking down the street.8 years wasted,this could have been the show of a lifetime and people could have talked about this a 100 years from now.What a waste."
90 9% X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) - Sep 11, 2020
"Not as good as the first two but not as bad as people claim in my opinion."
99 80% X2: X-Men United (2003) - Sep 11, 2020
"Among superhero movies...this is close to perfection."