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Cinema Addict - 1332 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 22, 2011

Location: TX, USA

Bio: Eclectic tastes but lean toward psychological thrillers, horror, mystery. Love for many foreign as well as independent movies. I\'ve seen more than 12,000 movies. Not particularly fond of shooting, explosions, sex scenes or gore unless it\'s an inherent part of plot that is needed to drive the plot forward. Also somewhat bored with all the comic book types preferring instead real characters that hurt when hit or injured. Books, music and good conversation also important part of my life
more Recent Ratings
95 96% Happy Valley (2014) - Jul 30, 2018
80 56% Animal Kingdom (2016) - Jul 30, 2018
90 83% Homeland (2011) - Jul 30, 2018
96 97% The X-Files (1993) - Jul 30, 2018
80 56% Torchwood (2006) - Jul 22, 2018
90 83% Black Mirror (2011) - Jul 22, 2018
"Maybe the best anthology type series since Twilight Zone"
90 83% Stranger Things (2016) - Jul 22, 2018
"This is so popular the rebel in me wants to rate it lower but it's just too good. There are fun inside jokes and references to all kinds of movies and happenings and even without that it will pull you in with it's clever story and fun characters. A winner."
88 75% Secret City (2016) - Jul 22, 2018
"Surprised me. I expected a good thriller but this was better than the expectations I had. Very engaging which makes me look forward tto a second season."
87 72% Broadchurch (2013) - Jul 22, 2018
"Based on season 1 alone I would have given this an above 90 rating. Wonderful and twisted! Second season is weak and third season is just ok. Overall I recommend this to friends, especially season 1."
88 75% La forĂȘt (2017) - Jul 22, 2018
"The acting, the mood, cinematography was, for me, excellent. I used to watch many foreign films but got tired or lazy so I held off watching this but glad I finally saw it. I tend to rate high so maybe this should be 90 or more because I loved it. The pacing was great. Not a bunch of gore and constant gun battles and car chases. More of my thing; psychological thriller."