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66 T2 Along Came Jones (1945) - Nov 05, 2017
"Middling western is simplistic and so straightforward as to be cliché, but is still serviceable entertainment, thanks to Cooper (better than usual) and a fiery performance by Young. Climactic confrontation with the villain is unexpectedly brutal."
70 T3 Casanova Brown (1944) - Nov 05, 2017
"Enjoyable comedy never builds up enough steam to hit its stride, but does have some amusing set pieces - Cooper's first encounter with his prospective in-laws and Morgan's wonderfully irascible performance are both highlights. Fine, if not especially distinguished."
61 T2 Trail of the Pink Panther (1982) - Nov 05, 2017
"If taken as a sincere, warm hearted tribute to Sellers and his iconic character, this is a breezy and fun stroll down memory lane, with some amusing 'new' gags in the first half stolen from outtakes from STRIKES AGAIN. It's a shame that with half the running time to go, Edwards seems to panic and abruptly change course to the unlikely meta-tale of a documentary being made about Clouseau; sequence with Mulligan as Clouseau's father is painfully unfunny, and ends the movie on a sour note."
38 T1 Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978) - Nov 05, 2017
"Unfortunately the air has well and truly gone from the franchise at this point, with both Sellers and Edwards seeming to phone their work in this time. The whole enterprise has a tired, lackluster feeling; not helped by the sidelining of Lom, and an overstated, 'wacky' performance from Cannon. A few mild chuckles, but no better than any number of Sellers cheapie 70s comedies. RIP Clouseau!"
94 T9 The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) - Nov 05, 2017
"Sellers and Edwards finally let it all hang out with this cheerfully, insanely over-the-top farce, whose aim seems to be to throw as many arch and large scale gags at the viewer in order to pounded them into submission. Individual mileage may vary, but the scope and reinvigoration of old gags is beautifully executed, and Sellers and Lom (with support from Kwouk) are a dynamic team, even if they share precious few scenes together."
88 T7 The Return of the Pink Panther (1975) - Nov 05, 2017
"Arguably the weakest of the middle trilogy of 'great' Panther films, this is still a hilarious string of Clouseau gags, with some enjoyable filler in-between (with Dreyfus' malfunctioning cigarette lighter a memorable highlight). Luscious cinematography and Edwards' nimble staging are highlights, though Plummer seems somewhat out of his depth (and confused) as the Phantom."
93 T9 A Shot in the Dark (1964) - Nov 05, 2017
"Hilarious farce is probably the best produced and constructed 'Panther/Clouseau' film - Sellers and Lom both have moments of superb slapstick comedy, and director Edwards shows an uncanny knack for staging gags for the 2.35 ratio - both large scale and intimate (Dreyfus' cigar trimmer)."
54 T1 For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) - Nov 05, 2017
"Fatally overlong and dialogue heavy Hemingway adaptation is at least attractively designed and photographed, with Bergman especially incandescent coming off the back of CASABLANCA, but as he is so often, Cooper performs like a dull, wet blanket, suffocating any signs of life around him. The actual destruction of the bridge is genuinely exciting (and shows the seeds of KWAI in its execution) and the climax is quite moving, but by then it's too little too late."
83 T6 The Pride of the Yankees (1942) - Nov 05, 2017
"While falling well and truly into the typical Golden Age Hollywood Biopic category, the sincerity of it's fine cast sells it - Cooper in particular is excellent as Gehrig, and Brennan is also fine as his confidant and friend. Some unexplored narrative digressions are frustrating (eg. his unhealthily close relationship with his mother) and there is too often a tendency to go full bore hagiography on its subject. Legendary final speech is a true show stopper."
52 T1 Ball of Fire (1941) - Nov 05, 2017
"A rare misstep from director Hawks (to say nothing of screenwriters Wilder & Brackett) -- nothing really works in this overlong, wheezy comedy, with one of Cooper's most monotonous performances drowning any sparks engendered by Stanwyck's flashy and amusing performance - she is far and away the highlight, with the seven professor greek chorus also falling frustratingly flat. Plot bears some resemblance to SOME LIKE IT HOT - an infinitely more successful comic creation!"