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Bio: "The complete filmgoer is open to the movie on the screen, and asks it to work in its own ways for its own purposes. He does not fault one for not being the other, but is grateful for both if they are successful." - Roger Ebert, Review of "Keane" (2004)

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30 T1 Senritsu meiky├╗ 3D (2009) - Mar 22, 2018
"Dire horror film has some interesting ideas (and the set-up is suitably creepy) but is ultimately compromised by some seriously goofy 3D effects (having watched the film in 2D, I can only imagine how much worse the full effect would have been with the added dimension!) Technical merits aside, the story is terribly derivative and predictable, and performances are generally poor."
46 T1 Beyond Outrage (2012) - Mar 22, 2018
"Slowly paced crime thriller is beautifully crafted by Kitano but spends an agonising amount of time in the first half setting up a not especially interesting (and overly convoluted) plot. Signature bouts of harsh violence are very well executed, and Kitano brings a likably world-weary attitude to his character, but the flaws in the storytelling cannot be overcome."
90 T8 A Stranger of Mine (2005) - Mar 21, 2018
"Utterly charming, refreshing throwback to a type of film that isn't made anymore - the romantic comedy/thriller mash-up; that it is told structurally in a way that pays homage to PULP FICTION (and does it successfully without feeling derivative) is a minor miracle. Arguably peaks in its first section, a touching tribute to loneliness with a pair of wonderful performances from Nakamura and (especially) Kirishima, but the whole film works as an unexpected treat."
78 T5 Innocent Curse (2017) - Mar 21, 2018
"Tense horror film is more of a low-key ghost story with some creatively designed shock scenes to keep the viewer on edge. Director/co-writer Shimizu (and writing partner Yamada) are to be commended for their ability to convincingly meld the bizarre myth-making with believable scenes of everyday domesticity. Perhaps the 'legend' itself is unremarkable, and not dissimilar to many other horror entries, but the film is still a lot of fun."
38 T1 The Girl Next Door (2004) - Mar 20, 2018
"Bland, soporific rip-off of RISKY BUSINESS spares us the sight of Hirsch sliding in on his socks, but hits virtually every other beat, without the original's wit or integrity; a grubby film full of unlikable, obnoxious characters, but at least Olyphant injects some style and charisma into his role, though he won't impress anyone who remembers Joe Pantoliano."
87 T7 She's Funny That Way (2014) - Mar 20, 2018
"Terrific farce is not especially deep or insightful, but its electric cast, and Bogdanovich's expert staging and timing, make it something special; feels like an 80s era Woody Allen film turned up to 11. Wonderful, warm performance from Poots, and Aniston is very funny in a brittle, Cybill Shepherd-ish imitation. Out-of-left field cameo in the final scene is a strange capper to an otherwise extremely enjoyable romp."
76 T4 Wonder Wheel (2017) - Mar 20, 2018
"Allen's latest is an agreeable enough time-killer, though too reminiscent of the superior BLUE JASMINE; well cast, with Winslet reliably terrific, but the film feels like a mish-mash of greatest hits - even ten years ago, Allen would have played this melodramatic material for laughs, rather than with the sincere earnestness he displays here. As with most of his late-era work, his skills as director far outweigh his writing; Coney island atmosphere beautifully photographed by Storaro."
40 T1 Thermae Romae (2012) - Mar 20, 2018
"Strange premise of Abe timehopping between ancient Rome and modern Japan doesn't exploit the interesting ideas inherent in the material, instead resting on a fairly insipid star crossed romance, and the complications arising from Abe's attempts to revolutionise bath house design (!!). Not as interesting as it sounds, though it may have played better in its original incarnation as manga animation."
76 T4 Keimusho no naka (2002) - Mar 19, 2018
"A refreshing alternative to the standard issue prison movie - no gang activity, minimal dehumanisation, lack of sadistic guards, rape in the showers etc. Instead, a quite fascinating look at the process, and ultimately comfort, of your life's day-to-day shape being decided (or imposed) upon you; Yamazaki is particularly good as the aged criminal who finds peace in the throes of solitary confinement. A very 'small', episodic film to be sure, but on it's own quiet terms, a satisfying winner."
73 T4 Sailor Suit and Machine Gun (1981) - Mar 18, 2018
"Feels like it should have been a prime candidate for Disneyfied 90s remake -- if you can buy the bizarre premise of a teenager 'inheriting' her father's status as head of a Yakuza clan, it's an engaging, enjoyable ride (if a bit sluggish at times) with Yakushimaru's bright, charismatic performance almost managing to bridge the credibility gap. Occasionally uncertain in its tone, veering between sanitised family comedy and comparably quite brutal (and sexually explicit) material."