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85 70% The Menu (2022) - Rated 27 Mar 2023
"Very fun film, nice slow build-up which makes the second and third act payoff very worthwhile. I came in blind and was not disappointed, the presentation hooked me and I thoroughly enjoyed the Chef's character and motivations throughout."
92 91% The Platform (2019) - Rated 09 Jan 2023
"Simple, brutal, honest. The ending felt a little off to me, I don't think I fully understood why the child was the message + why she was at the bottom + why she was alone. Was it set up like that? What happened afterwards? Felt like it needed one last pay off scene, even if it's just the angry chef seeing her appear on the platform at Level 0."
88 75% Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) - Rated 09 Jan 2023
"As expected, this movie was very well crafted with an immense attention to detail. Watching in IMAX is the only way to go! While I laude the character development of the Na'vi, I found the actual plot to be somewhat simplistic compared to the first film. Sully is running from the general, even if he's a clone the character is barely any different. There was a lot of potential there, akin to a"I'm not the same man I came from" thread, but he might as well have been an Avatar instead of a clone."
48 4% Triangle of Sadness (2022) - Rated 13 Nov 2022
"Great concept, terrible execution. Every single scene drags its feet and the film takes far too long to get moving. I like slow burners, but this was more of a tepid smoulder. There were glimpses of the intended message throughout, overrun with excessive gross humour and teeth-pulling dialogue. A tighter edit and more focus on the charicatures of society the cast were playing, and this could have been great. But it's not. Bloated and pretentious in the wrong way, and just boring in the end."
79 41% Men (2022) - Rated 10 Nov 2022
"This was a lot weirder than I expected. It's from A24 so obviously visual and audio (especially the score) are very deliberate and immaculately executed. The second act was extremely tense, even a jaded horror fan like myself felt real agitation! However, the ending, while appropriately gruesome, was a little confusing and honestly the horrific body horror part left me a little lost. The metaphors and symbolism apparent just didn't quite connect for me. Still, worth the watch!"
91 85% Her (2013) - Rated 09 Oct 2022
"Outstanding! Relatable while still being very peculiar. Great work by all and a fantastic unique style that still hold up well today."
98 95% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Rated 09 Oct 2022
"Gritty, different, and my favourite of all the SW films! Really nice to see what happens behind the scenes of the key storyline, and with such an incredible finish it's one I can watch again and again."
50 8% Monsters (2010) - Rated 09 Oct 2022
"While there's some very good filmmaking on display, lot's of wordless plot development and great world-building, especially considering the minuscule budget, where it ultimately fails is the story itself. The main duo are fairly realistic and flawed, although their chemistry feels ham-fisted. Despite everything that was laid out, this is just a "Point A-to-B" travel film at it's core and honestly just got boring after a while. Good effort, but a pity. Didn't need the monsters at all!"
81 54% The Black Phone (2022) - Rated 23 Sep 2022
"Surpassingly good for the seemingly basic core concept. Execution is fantastic and I really do appreciate that the lead doesn't make all the common "dumb teenager choices" that drive almost all horror films. Hawke's role is good, but I think he deserved more screentime to really flex his acting chops. The supernatural element worked better than I thought too, overall very enjoyable despite the very difficult abuse scenes (although that might just be my tastes)."
83 64% Raw (2017) - Rated 23 Sep 2022
"Honestly a little all over the place, like with the lead's appetite fluctuating during some scene, but the overall lunacy that is this movie carries it through! Look and sound is superb, as well as the performance of pretty much all characters. It's gritty, uncomfortable, unfriendly, and marvellous."