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Member Since: Mar 29, 2011

Location: MOBILE, AL, USA

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75 23% Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) - Mar 31, 2011
"As SNL highlights succesfully, you need to see that one with subtitles. So fun and thrilling, but gives the feeling of a draft "Snatch" in almost every scene. Still so very, very nice. "
90 58% Dogville (2003) - Apr 12, 2011
"There is no running away from our animal nature? Like Lord of the Flies, Dogville provides a plain, harsh explanation to depth of human mind and nature. It feels hard to follow up in the beginning, but great actors and great directing ended up with a clearly told story. "
95 85% The Truman Show (1998) - Apr 08, 2011
"That is one great movie with great cast, finally a chance to see good actor Carrey and a shining Linney. Such a great story well told, is a before critic of todays reality shows of so called real life. If it is genuine, we want it, if it is fake, we still want it, even more. That movie is showing the other side of deception, which is probably impossible today. "
60 13% How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) - Apr 08, 2011
"Among all the chick flicks (and also a guy movie in some ways), this one manages to be funny thanks to Kate Hudson. Her job, the side characters, best friend, the "man", are so full of cliches, still she manages to pull it off. Good for laughs with pop corn. "
20 2% Salt (2010) - Mar 29, 2011
"No mystery in this one, just action scenes for MS. Jolie to show off. Almost every scene was predictable. The score is for the costumes, not for the bad hair. "