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guy piranha

Cinema Addict - 1781 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 21, 2011

Location: Megaton, Micronesia

Bio: fine chariot, but where are the horses?
more Recent Ratings
60 39% Petey Wheatstraw (1977) - Nov 06, 2019
"Sympathy fo' the devil"
75 79% Dark City (1998) - Oct 29, 2019
60 39% The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) - Oct 17, 2019
70 67% Videodrome (1983) - Oct 16, 2019
75 79% Joker (2019) - Oct 15, 2019
"This may seem trivial to you, but...It's a movie! It has real sets and characters, pacing and a story that develops over time until its conclusion! It has a brilliant lead performance by a real actor! And I watched it in the cinema! Isn't that awesome? Doesn't get more nostalgic than this..."
70 67% El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) - Oct 14, 2019
"Plays out like the two bonus episodes you never knew you wanted...because you didn't. I always thought pinkman (and paul's portrayal of him) was rather irritating, and this doesn't add all that much to the breaking bad plotline, except that todd was fat and old at some point inbetween. But it has a more than welcome, calm consideration to its narrative style and ends on a note that reminds you why you were here in the first place."
30 6% It Chapter Two (2019) - Oct 07, 2019
"at least muschietti acknowledges, that his former outing did hardly enough to establish any of these characters as die hard friends...or characters at all. which doesn't keep him from filling this even longer pile of horseshit with even more loose crap, cheap cgi thrills and failed tone due to a puzzling amount of misplaced humor. It's supposed to be a fucking horror feature! this movie ends on an upbeat suicide note voiceover narration. "You guys chase the dream! I'll just go kill myself." Wtf?"
55 30% Apostle (2018) - Oct 05, 2019
"Gareth evans impressively undermines that he can only direct scenes where people cave each others skulls in. Aside from neat set design, i really can't find anything but dropped plot threads, logical and formal flaws, contradictions and bad editing decisions. Which is too bad. Because i like films that don't have those things."
65 52% Blackfish (2013) - Oct 05, 2019
"Fairly well made and structured, although i didn't care much for showing the trainers as innocent victims of corporate decisions rather than simple accomplices of fucked up institutions. I mean, if you really love these animals and can't think as far as "hey, maybe ripping them from their families and keeping them in captivity to force demeaning tricks on them actually isn't that cool?!"...well, you just might have it coming."
60 39% Yesterday (2019) - Sep 30, 2019
"Danny boyle seems to be aiming for a universe where nobody remembers that he's a pretty good filmmaker."