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75 81% The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) - 19 Feb 2024
"Greek mythology doesn't always translate that well to screen, but there's enough here to ponder the concepts of elitism, justice, penance and cowardice. Plus, the style is all kubrick, and lanthimos is one of the few to pull it off legitimately. I love all the complaints about how the acting is so wooden, especially considering the top tier actors on board. So...yeah...must've been a mistake or something."
0% Infinite (2021) - 19 Feb 2024
"I give this an 8, because if it's turned 90 degrees it becomes the infinity sign! There IS another reason, however..."
90 98% Poor Things (2023) - 05 Feb 2024
"Emmancipating Frankenstone"
80 90% The Favourite (2018) - 05 Feb 2024
"Lanthimos spoon-feeds hollywood its own tribalist-hedonistic decadency and they love him for it. So cool."
65 53% The Fall of the House of Usher (2023) - 09 Jan 2024
"The more it unravels, the less interesting it gets, up to a point when it's straight out dull to a "rich people are stupid and evil"-level and the "good" character starts monologuing about real wealth coming from family and love and yeah...yawn."
60 40% Influencer (2023) - 24 Nov 2023
"She kills influencers for a living? I can not possibly be more attracted to this woman."
75 81% The Killer (2023) - 24 Nov 2023
"Slow and methodical like its protagonist, fincher does a movie like this in his sleep. Which might have the downside that most people will watch it in theirs."
65 53% The Creator (2023) - 24 Nov 2023
"Feels like I should "reward" this more for being a pretty decent sci-fi flick in a world of shit. But come on, there isn't a single original thought in this. I bet my life savings this was pitched as "every scifi movie meets every nam movie with a side of every miracle child and road movie" and thus pants were jizzed."
30 6% Saw V (2008) - 24 Nov 2023
"Dear casting director of Saw V: your pro- and antagonist look exactly alike. It was confusing, especially when only mildly interested in the filler between people getting maymed by stuff. Admit it, you put a bandage on one's neck, just so you could keep them apart yourself. Now imagine asian audiences, those guys must've thought they were drunk."
30 6% Saw X (2023) - 22 Nov 2023
"Skipped everything after 2, so I missed all of the degredation and fast forwarded to the presumed bottom of the barrell. Boy, this was such a piece of ridiculous shit, it might just have given me brain cancer. The blood seasaw was hilarious, though."