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guy piranha

Cinema Addict - 1871 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 21, 2011

Location: Megaton, Micronesia

Bio: fine chariot, but where are the horses?
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80 89% Midnight Mass (2021) - Dec 05, 2021
"The bad age-makeup gave away quite too much about the twists and turns, and the horror is nothing to write home about, either. But i'll be damned, i hadn't expected a flanagan miniseries to tackle "existential dread" and the "belief-system" as deep and precise as this does. While there's a gargoyle flying around in the background, mind you."
60 39% Last Night in Soho (2021) - Nov 24, 2021
"Looks pretty and makes no sense whatsoever. Yeah, both taylor-joy's character AND the movie. I rate this 60. Coincidence? Delusion? Murder mystery? Who cares!"
60 39% Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) - Nov 13, 2021
"Gonna go against my instincts and say something positive here: the last 30 minutes were the ridiculously cliché yawn-inducing crap i'd expected the whole movie to be."
70 68% Feeding Frenzy (2010) - Nov 11, 2021
"An outright masterpiece compared to space cop. You can tell a lot of heart went into it, some shots and ideas are pretty apt and it's fun seeing these guys all young(er) and nerdy(er). Seems talking about all these crap movies for years sadly left them less enthusiastic about their own filmmaking, too."
70 68% Possessor (2020) - Nov 09, 2021
"Astonishing! Groundbreaking! *ALERT!* Please note, that in order to point out this movies' crowning achievement, I'm going to give away its biggest twist! Ready? Sean Bean...lives."
50 23% The Deep House (2021) - Nov 08, 2021
"Sinking influencers to the bottom of a lake isn't exactly a terrifying idea to me."
45 17% Halloween Kills (2021) - Nov 05, 2021
"I watched a movie where an ominous evil went around hurting or killing people, filling up the ICUs, which struck fear into the hearts of many, to a point when they would mob on the innocent because some assholes read the situation wrong and others stood by and watched everything go to shit. Nah really, thanks for the break from everyday life, guys."
64 46% Squid Game (2021) - Oct 28, 2021
"Hwang can't handle western capitalist themes (let alone western capitalist characters, jeez, those VIPs are student film-level bad), so this amalgamation of decades worth of survival-game-type movies isn't exactly revolutionary. The spin on the genre (kids games) is well designed, but who exactly pays billions to watch grown men play marbles? Let's say it's a decent enough time sink with good production value, but ultimately a letdown, and a second season can only get wor......red hair?!?!?!?!?!"
80 89% Dune (2021) - Oct 01, 2021
"if nothing else, villeneuve's vision is an audiovisual feast that pulled me in with its slow, lingering pacing, which felt all the heavier whenever disrupted by those (admittedly too PG-rated) bombastic moments when it got in gear. it took me a minute to get behind the cast, but i ended up finding the choices mostly great. accredit some points to the rare cinema experience these days, but aside from the done-to-death "dreams" i pretty much loved this prolonged setup. it's time for the payoff!"
60 39% Retfærdighedens ryttere (2020) - Sep 24, 2021
"i'll commend what they're trying to do here, but i'm too much of a sucker for tone to have this work for me. this goes back and forth asking me to cry for loss and trauma issues, but laugh heartily at fat people and rape victims because they have "funny" quirks, while marveling at mad mads mowing down mobsters by the dozen...and then it sacrifices the opportunity to finally make an impactful point on the futility of repressed and misdirected grief...for a badly set up gag-twist."