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Member Since: Apr 15, 2008

Bio: Enjoy most types of movies, music, tennis, running, crosswords and a good cup of coffee.
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100 99% Vertigo (1958) - Nov 12, 2008
"Fantastic Hitchcock, an all-time classic. Jimmy Stewart with a twist. Highly Recommended. "
100 99% North by Northwest (1959) - Nov 06, 2008
"Along with Vertigo, my favorite Hitchcock film. You can't do any better than Cary Grant's performance as the innocent man on the run. Eve Marie Saint is the perfect mysterious blond. A must see!"
98 99% Psycho (1960) - Mar 26, 2009
"watched this again recently......certainly it goes without saying that this is much more than just a "shower scene".... hitch's most commercially successful film and the one he personally financed is a definite must see! clear rating "