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77 44% Cousins (2019) - Mar 24, 2020
"Although mediocre as filmmaking — some good performances though and a great sex scene — this sincere, goofy, and sweet young-gay romance between kissing cousins was just what I needed after getting my mind raped by Joker. It even has an optimistic ending I could believe in."
91 97% Restrepo (2010) - Feb 13, 2011
"Far and away the best film nominated for an Oscar in 2011. Despite the fact that it's relegated to the Best Documentary category, it's more beautifully and masterfully shot and edited than any of the 10 movies nominated for Best (Fiction) Picture. It's also principled, disciplined, timely, affecting, dramatic, eye-opening, illuminating, etc. Watch this once and see if you still think Hurt Locker is a serious movie about American empire, er, war."
90 91% The Son (2002) - Jan 22, 2012
"Left me shaking after seeing it. This film is a shattering and physical rapprochement between the desire for vengeance and the need to forgive. That's probably why most American critics didn't understand it. A profoundly moral film, not least because it depicts morality as a constant struggle."
81 54% Mud (2013) - Jul 28, 2013
"It's not often that McConaughey gets upstaged but in this low-key but mildly flavorful sorta-Southern drama he's overshadowed by the two young male leads -- a marvelous Tye Sheridan, in particular -- & the Mississippi itself. Sam Shepard is around for gravitas & allusion, as is Joe Don Baker. Witherspoon is mostly absent, as is any sort of narrative punch or pull, until the final 15 minutes, reminding me that this ain't the 70s and this ain't no Night Moves, either."
40 1% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Nov 22, 2012
"Finally. A movie I can enjoy hating as much as Forrest Gump. Politically and morally incoherent, ineptly edited, ridiculously plotted, choked with exposition and unintentionally comic line readings, and not a pretty shot in sight. I'll take a 22-minute ep of any incarnation of cartoon Batman over this piece of self-important garbage any day."
65 13% The Social Network (2010) - Apr 02, 2013
"I think this movie's impact must depend on my giving a shit about Facebook and finding Mark Zuckerberg some kind of genius instead of a clever douchebag. Tried to watch it three times without fast-forwarding. Failed. If this movie defines the zeitgeist, we're all in serious trouble. It did succeed in making me loathe the sight and voice of Jesse Eisenberg. Don't know whether to be angry or relieved about that."
85 66% The Lifeguard (2013) - Aug 05, 2013
"I appreciate any defense of being lost & fucked up & this fresh & energetically acted character ensemble piece is both clear-eyed & non-judgemental. So it doesn't surprise me that people hate it. All the characters maintain their dignity, and continue loving each other, even when they make bad, silly or stupid choices. The drama is weakened by a burdensome indie rock soundtrack but that's the worst thing I can say about it. That last shot, an honest request for empathy -- we never get those."
90 91% Weekend (2011) - Sep 14, 2012
"The most affecting love story I've seen in ages, mostly because it's a character study about two characters studying each other's characters, while having sex and talking, and how that challenges them and leads to something like love."
89 83% Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010) - Feb 20, 2011
"Even more lush and mysterious than Tropical Malady and a lot more coherent than Blissfully Yours -- large swaths of which I found unwatchable -- Uncle Boonmee displays a confident young director approaching mastery. Every shot is so carefully composed and matched to the next that watching the film is like turning the pages of a handmade, artist's picture-book. Sure, some of the pages are missing and it's in a barely familiar (visual) language, but all that just deepens the engagement."
90 91% Hardware (1990) - Mar 09, 2013
"With echoes of Tetsuo; A Boy & His Dog; The Evil Dead; of course Terminator; & other indie sci-fi and horror films & with production design at least partially inspired by Moebius & other hyper-detailed comics, director Richard Stanley packs his frames to overflowing with biomechanical energy and post-apocalyptic menace. Crudely but effectively edited and performed, this is in the best tradition of weird midnight movies. Prepare to have your eyeballs battered, & probably your taste challenged."