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Bio: I've seen enough horror movies to know any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly; Friday The 13th VI: Jason Lives

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100 94% The Whale (2022) - Mar 22, 2023
"I didn’t want to know anything 
going into this movie I knew it was going to be a gut punch for me 
But I didn’t expect it hit as hard as it did 
It doesn’t feel like I’m watching a movie 
The characters feel very real and human 
Full of anger regret and pain 
Each dealing with their own issues 
Brendan Fraser definitely earned his Oscar 
But honestly I loved all of the characters and what they brought to their respective roles 
I don’t mind telling you I was choking up at the end"
75 69% Bel-Air (2022) - Nov 28, 2022
"Well this definitely turns the old tv show on it’s ear and gives it a much more serious and darker tone There are some elements of the old show and borrow some things in terms of story But it does it’s own thing with the stories and in no way do I feel like it is trying to copy the old show"
50 31% Home Sweet Home (1981) - Nov 22, 2022
"This is a bad movie 
But not the worst movie I’ve seen 
The story is messy as hell and the kills are mediocre at best 
But I will say they give you a wild variety of victims  and characters 
75 69% Fear (1996) - Aug 28, 2022
"I suspected this was Mark’s first movie he acted in
It turned out I was wrong 
But it was his first starring role and all I can is 
Wow he gave a fantastic performance 
I like the slow build up they did with the David character 
Moody intense and scary 
Not a horror movie by any means but I think it borrows some horror elements 
Nice intense drama"
75 69% Nope (2022) - Aug 27, 2022
"I adore Get Out
 Us was completely over my head and ultimately I didn’t like it Which brings me to Nope
 Did I like it ? Yep
 Is it a masterpiece ? Nope
 It’s a very unique way of telling a story and visually stunning to look at 
Did I understand everything in the movie ?
For the most part yes
 There are a few things that left me scratching my head But I don’t think we’re supposed to understand either 
100 94% The Omen (2006) - Aug 19, 2022
"This isn't a shot for shot remake like they did with Psycho 
But let’s face it
 It’s pretty darn close
 ( Personally)
 I don't think you can go wrong with either film 
But I give the remake a slight edge
Because I liked the special effects better"
25 13% Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) - Aug 19, 2022
"The worst in the franchise 
If you ask me
The thing I complimented Damien The Omen II for
 Hiring really great child actors is the exact opposite of what they did in this movie 
Also I felt they put to much focus on the little girl 
Rather than adult characters protecting her as done in previous movies and I can’t even begin to understand the plot 
Just not a very good movie in my opinion"
75 69% Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) - Aug 19, 2022
"Good story 
But it lacks any cool special effects 
All the kills are offscreen or implied 
Feels pretty disappointing considering what we got from the first two movies"
100 94% Damien: Omen II (1978) - Aug 19, 2022
"Great follow up to the original movie 
Seven years after the ending of the original Omen 
Damien is living with his rich powerful uncle and going to military school 
The effects probably seem silly to today’s audience and I can admit they do seem a bit over the top 
But for a 70’s film
(I feel) like they hold up really well 
My favorite scenes when the guy falls through the ice and 
I also love the scene where Damien realizes he’s the devil"
100 94% The Omen (1976) - Aug 19, 2022
"Very good movie I prefer this over
 The Exorcist 
 It’s not like a lot of horror where you get a lot of blood and gore
More like things happen that  could be explained away as freak accidents
 My favorite death when lightning strikes and causes the pole to go through the priest’s body 
Probably more of a personal preference 
But I like how they use close up shots on people's eyes to indicate when something bad is  about to happen
bA very enjoyable movie and a good introduction for young"