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70 T5 The Lords of Salem (2012) - Apr 09, 2016
30 T1 P2 (2007) - Mar 30, 2016
100 T10 Gimme Shelter (1970) - Feb 25, 2016
"A visceral and compelling look at the violence that occurred at the Rolling Stones' free Altamont Speedway show. Through this, and their 1969 summer tour, The Maysles Brothers created a harrowing portrait of the bleak ending to the decade and subsequently, the hippie/counterculture movement. "
95 T9 The Witch (2016) - Feb 25, 2016
"Meticulously and masterfully directed, Robert Eggers' The Witch is a rare horror film that unnerves the viewer through imagery, atmosphere, and tension and consistently challenges them until the film's entrancing final moments. "
80 T7 Hail, Caesar! (2016) - Feb 24, 2016
"A wacky, clever, and dryly funny homage/love letter to classic 1950's Hollywood and the art of film-making. Despite some narrative flaws and tonal inconsistencies, Hail, Caesar! is another wildly entertaining and thoughtful comedy from the Coen Bros. "
100 T10 Seinfeld (1989) - Feb 20, 2016
80 T7 Duel (1971) - Feb 17, 2016
45 T2 Deadpool (2016) - Feb 13, 2016
"I didn't like Deadpool at all. The humor, the characters, the screenplay/narrative, the cinematography - it all fell flat. There's a couple clever and funny moments and the action scenes aren't cluttered with fast cuts and shaky camerawork, but for a film obsessed with commenting on cliches, Deadpool is a terribly conventional film. "