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Celluloid Junkie - 4253 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 6, 2017

Location: USA

Bio: I have been a film lover from a very young age. From the age of six I was watching films like House (1986) and Robocop along with Transformers: The Movie and Labyrinth. My favorite film of all time is Hard Boiled (1992)
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80 67% Killing Spree (1987) - May 22, 2020
75 48% Just Before Dawn (1981) - May 16, 2020
"I have never seen the killer in a slasher film killed off the way they are here. The rest of the film is ok."
80 67% Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - May 16, 2020
"It's fine, but ultimately forgettable."
80 67% Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpions Revenge (2020) - May 16, 2020
"Nice and violent, just the way we would have wanted. I do wish that a Mortal Kombat story could be told without having to remake the first film. I also wish that the animators didn't move the camera around so much. The fight scenes could have been so much better, but the image moves around too much to make it look like American fight scenes look like in live action. This is an animated film. We don't need that shit."
60 25% I Am Nancy (2011) - May 16, 2020
"I really wanted this to be a biography on Heather Langenkamp, not another look at fandom like we have seen with The Night She Came Home, Fanalysis, or even Best Worst Movie. The film follows Langenkamp as she desperately wants to be loved by her fans and also wants her character to be just as important as Freddy. There is a nice section towards the end of the film where various woman talk about how Nancy is an important character. I liked that part. I didn't like the rest all that much."
80 67% There's Nothing Out There (1992) - May 16, 2020
"This is a film that needs to be understood before watching it. The film was made for very little money, but large ambitions. The film is very meta with one character having tons of movie knowledge, but he is the most annoying character in the film. The monster looks like ass, but we buy it because we are liking the film. The movie guy, though, needed to die as he was way more annoying than any other character in the film. The film is well made with some really great camera work."
60 25% The Damned United (2009) - May 16, 2020
70 37% Dragon Fist (1979) - May 16, 2020
"Serious Jackie Chan is not always the best Jackie Chan. This was made before Chan hit it big with Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master, and it feels every bit of that. Chan. is in full revenge mode without a hint of the wit or comedic person we would go onto love. The film is ok, but it doesn't really have anything that stands out."
80 67% The Snorkel (1958) - May 16, 2020
80 67% Bringing Out the Dead (1999) - May 16, 2020