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Location: Canada

Bio: i watch movies and write mini-reviews:
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64% Tangled (2010) - Jan 27, 2023
"A voluminous fairy tale flick with lots to note: the plot is full of songs, action, and comedy (often tangled together-there's plenty of slapstick), the damsel-in-distress motif is turned (hit) on its head (with a frying pan), and the uniquely chilling villain (an emotionally manipulative parent) adds some poignancy to the coming-of-age arc. The romance is sweet ("You were my new dream") but also, she just turned 18 and has never seen the world so the power dynamic there is a bit offputting."
64% Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Jan 07, 2023
"Has a scrumptious classic dinner party-whodunit feel, with a compelling first act full of subtle clues that let you know something's afoot, and then a second act where the other foot (in a shoe) drops and the layers are peeled back. The humour is excellent ("Please tell me you did not think sweatshops are where they make sweatpants"), the drama less so; Andi's glass ceiling-and-other-objects-shattering arc is effective but the others are never likeable enough to justify how they tagged along."
64% The Fabelmans (2022) - Jan 06, 2023
"A nice collection of vignettes on the power of the stories we see and show (highlights include Uncle Boris' rant on family and art and the confrontation in the school hallway-"Why'd you make me look like that?"), not to mention some fun looks at the ins and outs of filmmaking (see the perfect-well, eventually-final shot). Amidst the compelling family drama, though, the central character arc could've used a few more incising elements like that shot where he imagines himself shooting his own life."
81% It's a Wonderful Life (1946) - Dec 20, 2022
"Stewart is brilliant as George Bailey: A passionately compassionate man ("Is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath?") who can let his emotions get the best of him (see his vicious anger at home turn into hopelessness on the bridge); a dreamer ("I'll give you the moon") with his feet still planted firmly in his community (see the cancelled honeymoon). A holiday flick as grounded and stick-it-to-the-man-ish as it is sentimental and spiritual."
25% To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018) - Dec 10, 2022
"A little convoluted (really odd how Mr. Sulky Hoodie was over it so quickly at the end there), with an unnecessary thread or two (the mom grief was a one and done scene) but I guess that's the tricky web of teenage romance and self-discovery for ya. You can see the ending coming 4 times around the track away but you're still rooting for leading lady Lara Jean the whole time. Fun edits (fantasy and reality are mashed together in amusing ways) and cinematography (lots of whip pans) top things off."
44% Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) - Dec 10, 2022
"Tonally more of a bleak war movie more than a high-energy superhero one; the added weight and maturity in the script is refreshing, though the interesting dramatic dynamic of two oppressed nations on edge deserved a more nuanced climax and resolve than a generic and uncomfortable green-screen battle that ends abruptly. Fantastic turns by Wright, Bassett, and Huerta in particular accentuate some great character work though, especially for the grief-stricken Shuri. Great visuals and music."
44% The Bob's Burgers Movie (2022) - Nov 18, 2022
"Lettuce talk about this movie. I certainly have no beef with it; it's buns of fun and it was so nice to ketchup with all the great characters as they Bobbed and weaved through the madcap musical mystery plot filled with giant sinkholes worth of humour, enjoyable songs (Grover's went on way too long though), some surprisingly suspenseful action (see the trapped car), and engaging arcs for the kooky kids (Louise's in particular tugged on my heartstrings like two hanging from a pink bunny hat)."
25% Lou (2022) - Nov 17, 2022
"Works well as a rain-soaked, chilly/ing to the bone thriller; Lou is badass (see her shoulder pop-in and "Fuck!"), the violence is brutal (see the cabin fight), the villain is frightening, and the cinematography and music are both excellent (see the haunting opening sequence). It falls apart, unfortunately, when it overcomplicates things with a lackluster twist, puncturing the cool air of mystery around the central character and muddying up the climactic third act with tons of exposition."
44% Friday the 13th (1980) - Oct 27, 2022
"A little campy-there are cabins, counselors, an archery range and everything-but the relaxed pace and slightly cheesy teen dialogue and shenanigans combo kinda works, giving it a sense of realism and amping up the anticipation of the murders to come-which are suitably horrific and mysterious until the third act generates some light on the killer. The epilogue with the boat in the middle of the lake, the huge and moody music, jump scare, and chilling final line ("Then he's still there") is great."
44% Little Monsters (2019) - Oct 25, 2022
"For all the time the opening act spends on developing douchebag Dave, his redemption arc feels too quick, though McGiggle’s fate seems about right (egads, is Josh ever hilarious—“I fucking hate those little kiddlywinks”). The rest of the script is a nice balance of quirky situational contrast humour (innocent cute kindergarteners vs. nasty zombies/kids entertainers) and engaging pathos driven by Nyong’o’s sweet and protective teacher: Bullies, exes, zombies-just shake em off, shake em off."