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Member Since: Feb 23, 2017

Location: milwaukee, wi, USA

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Status: Single

Bio: Guy who likes movies that have some depth, but also loves superhero movies and non-animated kids movies. I also have a sentimental streak so I like an awful lot of chick flicks. Don't like stupid horror movies or boring fiction movies unless they have a unique edge or something I can really sink my imagination into.

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95 T7 Logan (2017) - Mar 11, 2017
"awesome movie. The young girl who stars really makes me feel. Logan was really humanized. Felt like a real movie and not just another superhero movie. The only downfall is that it seemed a bit disorganized like too much was trying to be crammed into the story but not being fully revealed."
95 T7 The Descent (2005) - Feb 27, 2017
85 T3 Arrival (2016) - Feb 26, 2017
"This is a movie that looks to be a very interesting sci-fi alien invasion story but turns out to be a drama disguised as interesting. I was dissapointed that the story turned out to be so contained, limited, like an explosion contained in a small room. It was somewhat intillectually interesting considering it's analysis on the difficulties of communicating with a species with an alien dialect. The story was somewhat uninflating as it unfolded."
85 T3 Split (2017) - Feb 25, 2017
"Quite an interesting movie and the acting is excellent in my opinion. The starring girl is very beautiful though not a deep person, interesting nonetheless. Not terribly scary though I think the director was aiming for that, but still a good solid horror flick."
90 T5 Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) - Feb 25, 2017
"Just love the Hellboy movies. The expression of the solitude of being different is profound and the story is interesting. It is fantasy adventure at it's best. It's fun, and the love story is very believable. I feel my soul is enriched by the two movies in this series and I crave only more."
90 T5 Red Heat (1988) - Feb 25, 2017
"Just a damn good and entertainingly funny adventure. Schwarzenegger is just an entertaining, interesting, and funny guy. So versatile, it's amazing. I pity those that don't know how to appreciate the genius he brings to the table. "
90 T5 Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005) - Feb 25, 2017
"Lindsay Lohan was such a talent and she made this movie. Made me so sad to see her spiral downward to what we see today. This goofy movie is very fun and enjoyable almost entirely because of her. I'll always love her."
95 T7 Elf (2003) - Feb 25, 2017
"One of those movies that was just done right in every way. It will make you laugh no matter who you are unless you are one of those unlucky few that can't enjoy fantasy. Will is so loveable and funny and sincere, this movie will make you understand why I think he is a savant."
85 T3 Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) - Feb 25, 2017
"Such a goofy movie and story. However, this movie was unexpectedly hilarious. It's too bad Rob never lived up to the potential this movie showed him to have. "