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76 63% Overnight Overnight (2003) - Rated 16 Jun 2010
"Since this doc was so hard to find my expectations upon viewing were pretty high and I was sort of disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was an alright documentary about some asshole who made a sort of alright movie and managed to piss off EVERYONE in the movie industry in the process."
52 35% The Awakening The Awakening (2011) - Rated 13 Nov 2013
"A slow burner, for sure. Medicore is exactly where this film falls. The McNulty/Horse Face love affair or whatever the fuck it was supposed to be, was stupid and brought down the quality of the film. Watch this movie if you suck at guessing plot twists and want to see McNulty's side dick and Horse Face's nipple."
87 82% The Net The Net (1995) - Rated 05 Jun 2010
"My advice: Re-watch this knowing exactly what you're getting into. You know everything they're saying is jibberish SUB NET. Once you get over the technicalities or because of them this film turns into a brilliant dramatic comedy. The only thing bad about this film is Dennis Miller."