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I also opened a letterboxd account because why not many people were there too. Nickname there : mamii

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75 74% The Hidden Fortress (1958) - Rated 23 Jun 2024
"Even an average Kurosawa film can be enough to remind me how fucking beautiful cinema is. Two funnily greedy peasent, a mysterious hero, and a brilliant princess. It has enough adventure, enough comedy, and enough action. A film that never loses its pace, knows how to keep going in an interesting way and can tell something about larger issues through its characters’ simple stories. I liked this simplicity a lot."
55 44% Memorias del subdesarrollo (1968) - Rated 23 Jun 2024
"Surprisingly mediocre. Memories of Underdevelopment is theoretically more attractive than its actual result and relies on the overreading of the story for a better appreciation. The film, even though it wants to connect the transition of Cuba through the story of the “self-reflective” bourgeoisie Sergio, comes quite short of demonstrating that sociopolitical change, which is a disappointment because, in theory, the viewer can get the feeling of that great transition."
92 97% La Strada (1954) - Rated 23 Jun 2024
45 32% A Moment of Romance (1990) - Rated 23 Jun 2024
"This film has been on my watchlist for quite some time, and to be honest, I had some expectations. Even though there are few "moment of romances" I liked a lot, most of them were "too" overdramatic even though the film did not shy away from being overdramatic. It has a look and style, but maybe I am not in the mood for a violence/first sight love/motobike triangle."
75 74% The Fog of War (2003) - Rated 23 Jun 2024
60 51% Stop Making Sense (1984) - Rated 25 May 2024
50 38% Bye Bye Tiberias (2023) - Rated 25 May 2024
"archivals work good, also women connection but not sure about the structure of the film and the palestinian story in it. definitely worth seeing and says emotially important things, but it has the feeling of a film that gets a bit off track in trying to include many things."
70 66% Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) - Rated 25 May 2024
"çok güzel diyaoglar vardı"
70 66% Rope (1948) - Rated 18 May 2024
75 74% Playtime (1967) - Rated 18 May 2024