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Member Since: Feb 8, 2010

Location: Yorkshire, UK

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46% The Way to the Stars (1945) - Nov 17, 2019
"Interesting war time period piece"
46% The Good Liar (2019) - Nov 17, 2019
"A little bit too smooth and unbelievable but 2 great actors and a plot that kept interest."
46% Sorry We Missed You (2019) - Nov 03, 2019
"A gritty piece of social realism of a family at crisis point. Very sad but also very true and so makes fairly uncomfortable viewing."
7% Blind Spot (1958) - Nov 03, 2019
"Straight forward crime thriller- easy afternoon viewing but a fairly unbelievable protagonist. "
21% A Bridge Too Far (1977) - Nov 02, 2019
"For such an impressive cast this is rather mundane - its overlong and elicits little human interest."
46% Official Secrets (2019) - Oct 30, 2019
"Fairly straight forward storytelling - but still makes an impact."
74% Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) - Oct 28, 2019
"Intriguing and veers between comic camp and seriously menacing."
21% Layer Cake (2004) - Oct 28, 2019
"Convoluted plot with an interesting cast in the lesser parts - Ben Wishaw, Sally Hawkins, Dexter Fletcher. Fairly enjoyable watch."
92% Joker (2019) - Oct 15, 2019
"Intense and very convincing 'origins' story that too sadly reflects the world we live in and not just the comic book universe."
21% Judy (2019) - Oct 11, 2019
"A credible central performance, leads other roles underdeveloped. This biopic doesn't take you on a journey but stays at much the same emotional pitch throughout , until a rather contrived ending. "