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Cinema Addict - 1788 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 8, 2010

Location: Yorkshire, UK

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73% Les misérables (2019) - Mar 22, 2023
"Powerful and thought provoking film."
73% As bestas (2022) - Mar 22, 2023
"Intense film with a foreboding sense of menace. Things build up to an expected climax but unexpectedly carries on to explore what happened next."
73% Broker (2022) - Mar 16, 2023
"Another slow moving film where characters gradually reveal themselves-in a story of dubious morality it is still peppered with moments of pure humanity-the detective/ mystery element of the story didn’t work so well for me."
44% High Plains Drifter (1973) - Mar 10, 2023
"Some great things about this film, the opening and ending particularly. I don’t mind the brutality but it’s hard to get past the misogyny of Clint Eastwood’s protagonist and truly enjoy watching it today."
73% Boiling Point (2021) - Mar 09, 2023
"Excellently executed piece of social commentary -Stephen Graham is brilliant but so are all the characters around him- a must watch for anyone who eats in a restaurant."
73% Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020) - Mar 05, 2023
"Very real understated drama, that feels like a documentary. Very little dialogue, every emotion is expressed by the camera lingering on faces. It’s a sad story but a testament to female friendship."
92% Cow (2021) - Mar 05, 2023
"A very clever piece of film making-just cows , no narrative and no judgement but still this makes you think about so many aspects of humanity."
44% The Queen of Spades (1949) - Mar 03, 2023
"Dated but enjoyable. Some atmospheric scenes and intriguing characters. The Russian setting sets it apart from other period melodramas."
44% The Fabelmans (2022) - Mar 02, 2023
"Disappointing as this didn’t quite work for me-there were elements that were brilliant, the gradual realisation that the camera reveal’s hidden truths and can also create an untruth-but as a whole it felt quite disjointed and covered too much ground."
73% Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023) - Mar 02, 2023
"Highly enjoyable, fast paced addition to the Luther series. Very dark but also thought provoking."