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Member Since: Jun 22, 2011

Bio: Wannabe film connoisseur. But I'm probably just a kid who'd like to think he knows stuff.
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66% Onward (2020) - Dec 31, 2020
"A solid emotional core and endearing characters provide substance to a very fun, entertaining, colorful quest. The setting and concept are great but feel underdeveloped. "
66% Soul (2020) - Dec 30, 2020
11% Braven (2018) - Dec 26, 2020
39% Run (2020) - Dec 24, 2020
81% Klaus (2019) - Nov 18, 2020
"A charming and original Christmas tale. The lavish animation is the true star of this film. Perfectly stylized and superbly fluid, the unique blend of traditional 2D and CGI ensures that characters are full of life and backgrounds really pop. The movie's good sense of humor and strong heart helps overcome some admittedly uninspired characters and trite plot points. "
39% The Omen (1976) - Jun 30, 2020
"An unquestionably seminal horror premise, but its iconic status has deflated its own impact due to countless parodies and homages. I found the whole movie almost strangely hilarious, especially the overblown "demonic choir" score. If you're looking for religious horror, I'd recommend the Exorcist instead; I found it much more grounded and compelling than this. "
66% Moana (2016) - May 23, 2020
92% Infinity Train (2019) - Jan 12, 2020
"Cartoon Network's second miniseries provides another tightly-ploted tale with excellent characters that perfectly melds the surreal and fantastic with the relatable and emotional. The second and third seasons are even better, exploring new facets of the show's world while delving into topics such as personhood, fate, cult identity, and redemption."
81% Tuca & Bertie (2019) - Dec 20, 2019
39% The Sum of All Fears (2002) - Nov 28, 2019