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86 T8 Wonder Woman (2017) - Sep 30, 2017
86 T8 When Harry Met Sally... (1989) - Sep 19, 2017
89 T10 The Wave (2008) - Apr 05, 2017
75 T2 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) - Mar 20, 2017
"The last entry in the Resident Evil series is much more grounded and serious than most of the other films (which isn't saying much). However, the tension, action, and gory, zombie-killing violence is all there. On top of that, the acting and dialogue aren't nearly as bad as previous outings, though there were still some laughable moments. In the end, I'm tempted to call The Final Chapter a legitimately good film, and fans of the series will undoubtedly be pleased."
74 T2 Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) - Mar 19, 2017
"Resident Evil: Retribution is somehow more over-the-top than its predecessors, in nearly every way, though it's closest to Resident Evil: Afterlife. If you think too hard about anything that happens in this movie, you may be disappointed. However, besides the insane, stupid, manic, silly action that ensues, Retribution makes things a notch more interesting with a very "meta" and twisty plot that may be cliche, but differentiates this entry just enough."
73 T2 Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) - Mar 19, 2017
"While the previous entry in the Resident Evil series took on a more cinematic and even serious tone, Afterlife is hopelessly cheesy and violently ridiculous. It's so over-the-top that it puts the first two movies to shame, and I think the preposterous corniness of it all actually helps it, providing laughs when silly and dumb characters suffer horrible deaths due to hesitation or betrayal, and bludgeoning the viewer with impossible action. So... not so much out of tune with classic zombie films."
74 T2 Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) - Mar 18, 2017
"The third Resident Evil film is more of an attempt to craft a compelling, dystopian world than bring dumb, over-the-top, cheesy action to the big screen like the first two movies did. It is mostly successful at doing so, and while there's still limited character development and the dialogue is laughable at times, Extinction continues Alice's tale with greater ferocity and intensity than ever. Another solid Resident Evil zombie film that invents nothing, but entertains."
39 T1 Leprechaun (1993) - Mar 18, 2017
"I was hoping Leprechaun would be in the "so bad it's funny" category of films I'm so fond of. It's not; it's pretty much just bad. It's not remotely scary; there's no tension and the feeble attempts at making the little villain humorous completely destroy any chance of him being spooky. In general, the movie's attempts at making the viewer laugh fall flat or don't make much sense. With all the inspiration Leprechaun could have used to make a great movie, it simply fails to do so."
73 T2 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) - Mar 14, 2017
"Resident Evil: Apocalypse is a bad movie, in the classical sense in which we typically classify bad movies. It lacks the tension in the first movie (which was an unoriginal B-movie in and of itself), and begins with a barrage of monotonous and gratuitous action. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this movie's ambition is to be more cheesy and preposterous than the first, and the ridiculousness of what transpires (especially towards the end) was actually pretty satisfying. Great bad movie."
71 T2 Resident Evil (2002) - Mar 13, 2017
"Resident Evil is a stereotypical B-movie about zombies and evil scientific experimentation gone wrong, but it does the genre well. Zombie movies don't need great acting or dialogue to be successful at making you grimace, and this movie is no exception. I found myself more entertained than with any other video game adaptation I've seen, and the ending teased the fact that this movie is really only just the beginning of a cheesy, gore-infused epic."