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33 T1 Encino Man (1992) - Apr 14, 2018
"Although Pauly Shore's acting is pretty atrocious here, it doesn't ruin the movie. No, Encino Man's goofy, comedic plot is squandered by extremely poor writing. The premise of the movie promises a number of potentially hilarious events, but it instead delivers a very mediocre coming-of-age story that isn't worth telling."
18 T1 Valley of Bones (2017) - Mar 17, 2018
"I was not prepared in any manner for Valley of Bones. The dull plot is supplemented by one-dimensional characters with unconvincing motives. The writing makes very little sense and is burdened by jarring cliches and hyper-stylistic tropes. I kept searching for the gravity and meaning to it all, but I eventually gave up and faced the reality that this movie is an unfortunate failed experiment of a vision."
86 T8 Black Panther (2018) - Mar 14, 2018
"Most superhero movies nowadays are so overburdened by camp and silliness, it's hard not to know what exactly to expect when viewing the latest feature. Fortunately, Black Panther strips out the jokes for a moving, visceral action experience that is both memorable and thought-provoking. While the movie does become predictable and fall prey to storybook cliches in the last third, it's still one of the stronger comic book films in recent years."
87 T9 Baby Driver (2017) - Mar 01, 2018
"Baby Driver is a phenomenal action flick that oozes with style but explodes with substance and emotional depth. The film uses its score more effectively than almost any movie I've seen, and it adds to the excitement and tension. There have been times in my life when I felt trapped, and it seemed like I couldn't control anything in my life; getting in my car and driving was how I could get away from it all. The takeway: you can run away from your problems, but you can drive away much faster."
38 T1 The Last Airbender (2010) - Feb 25, 2018
"The Last Airbender is a kid's movie. From what I understand, Shyamalan wrote it for his daughter, who enjoyed the show. While that's a touching sentiment, there is nothing that sets The Last Airbender apart from other children's fantasy movies except that it is very, very mediocre. The action, dialogue, characters, and plot are all extremely underwhelming, and it's a recycled story told poorly. A good children's film will still have a strong vision; this one doesn't."
28 T1 The Happening (2008) - Feb 23, 2018
"A movie that wants us to feel unsettled by death unfortunately tires us out on it in the first few minutes. Fortunately, the dialogue in this movie is so unbelievably terrible that it's actually entertaining to listen to how alien it all is. There is no gravity in this movie, but there's also no levity (there are occasionally futile attempts). The characters are flat and cliche, and barely anything exciting happens. Luckily, people stop dying and the movie just becomes boring."
87 T9 Get Out (2017) - Feb 03, 2018
"Get Out is a suspenseful, unsettling, and substantially frightening affair which rivals or surpasses the best horror films made in recent years. Get Out gets an extra leg up, however, by its obvious commentary regarding race relations, which is not shoehorned into the plot, but instead an important part of it. I don't think many of the best horror films in the last decade have had anything quite as important to say as Get Out."
29 T1 Knowing (2009) - Feb 01, 2018
"Knowing opens with a sequence of cliche, prototypical scenes featuring out of place and awkward dialogue. I wish this was the only problem with the movie, but the silly plot with a mediocre payoff is actually a bigger problem. This movie is a prime example of a film that takes an uninspired concept and attempts to build tension and excitement from it. The result is an underwhelming, seemingly random adventure that has few if any redeeming qualities."
88 T9 The Shape of Water (2017) - Jan 29, 2018
"A familiar story is told through the lens of extremely detailed and alluring fantasy, and nearly every creative decision made fits together with perfection. The Shape of Water excels at how it tells its story, rather than what story it tells. The result is a beautiful, other-worldly tale of love and realization that emotionally resonates."
89 T10 Whiplash (2014) - Dec 19, 2017
"Whiplash, a movie about an aspiring jazz musician and a merciless conductor, explores the unsettling line between motivation and abuse. It does so with intense sound, music, and J.K. Simmons' thrilling, horrifying performance. This movie viscerally chilled me to the bone, and in the end, provided the closure I thought I needed, until I realized I had more questions to ask myself and test my convictions."