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13 0% The Postman (1997) - Nov 28, 2021
"The Postman needs to edit itself: there are too many lines, scenes, and moments that contribute nothing to the razor thin plot the movie offers. So much of the dialogue is nonsensical that I found myself embarrassed. Worst of all, Costner paints himself as a bonafide savior in every way, and the other characters in the film unbelievably cherish every ridiculous line he utters. This is "ego first" filmmaking. Verdict? Trainwreck."
78 28% Mandy (2018) - Nov 21, 2021
"There are few movies like Mandy; the movie starts out as a disorienting, disturbing, psychedelic thriller and morphs into a violent action flick. The movie is expertly acted and constantly engaging, though beneath the excessive surrealism is a plot lacking much substance."
80 35% Meet the Parents (2000) - Nov 09, 2021
"Meet The Parents is awkward, hilarious, and touching, exceeding expectations for a comedy in this vein. "
83 49% Nothing But the Truth (2008) - Nov 04, 2021
"Nothing but the Truth is a compelling political thriller that will leave viewers in agony over what theoretically should be an easy decision for a protagonist to make. It ultimately resolves in a manner I found predictable but the ramifications of the reveal radically changed my perception of the story, a rare feat."
81 40% Child's Play (1988) - Oct 31, 2021
"Child's Play has a ridiculous premise, is not the least bit scary, and is continually corny. That being said, this is one very entertaining movie and I loved every moment of it. "
77 26% Creep (2014) - Oct 30, 2021
"Creep expertly induces cringey tension and a near-constant unsettling feeling, but I wish there was more story and meaning to take away from it all."
45 6% Scary Movie (2000) - Oct 27, 2021
"Scary Movie's approach to parodying the slasher genre is to inundate the audience with humor. I don't think more than a minute goes by in this film without some sort of over-the-top joke. To the film's credit, I found some of the gags quite witty and funny, but most of the time, Scary Movie goes for predictable, convenient low-brow laughs and relies on flatulence (with no other context but the flatulence itself) to pass the time. The time passes SLOWLY. "
73 21% Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) - Oct 25, 2021
"This comedy sequel's biggest flaw of that there's no longer any novelty to what's essentially the same premise as the first film. That being said, the writing here is still very witty and quite funny, and I would recommend the film to fans of the first."
47 7% Hancock (2008) - Oct 24, 2021
"Hancock's premise is intriguing; it's a superhero movie turned on its head featuring a hero that fails to meets society's expectations and is effectively maligned. There's so much that could be explored here about perception and the nature of altruism, but Hancock abandons that in favor of a preposterous love story that doesn't fit or provide meaningful tension."
91 97% Dune (2021) - Oct 23, 2021
"This cinematic adaptation of Dune has an incredible attention to detail that surpasses almost any other sci-fi film, jaw-dropping imagery, and an emotional gravity I did not expect. It's a must-watch faithful interpretation of an epic novel. "