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95 72% Planet of the Apes Planet of the Apes (1968) - Rated 12 Nov 2011
"Some stories make us think about other things - about the way things are in this world. This film made me think about two things - animal rights and the history of human slavery - both more powerfully and evocatively than films/documentaries dedicated for those purposes e.g. "The Cove", "Dancing with wolves". A classic - for it initiates an introspection on humanity."
98 88% Capturing the Friedmans Capturing the Friedmans (2003) - Rated 30 Oct 2010
"Perfect documentary - although very disturbing in its content and the questions it raises. If there is a grammar for documentary makers in maintaining neutrality of view point this should make a perfect example. Leaves you with more questions that it answers - chief among them being the more meta-level philosophical - Can there ever be a single truth (black & white) about anything at all - or to exist in this imperfect world, has truth to be polarized by time, interested groups & point of views?"
98 88% The Asphalt Jungle The Asphalt Jungle (1950) - Rated 23 Apr 2010
""One way or another, we all work for our vice." And how each of the character's vice leads to their demise.. beautiful, taut direction, great performances.. transcends from being just a crime drama and touches the heart when we recognize the obsessive traits of the characters who are in search of something to be present all around us and even within ourselves. NYT : "there is ruthless authority in this picture, the hardness and clarity of steel, and remarkably subtle suggestion..""
98 88% Away We Go Away We Go (2009) - Rated 08 Feb 2010
"Its like curling up with a good book, overlooking sunset, a warm breeze blowing through - its sweet, tender, emotional, intelligent, .. acting is great, music is great, writing is good .. And its reflective: being broke even at 35, grand-parents who choose the wrong time to get selfish, relatives/friends who think it is their duty to throw out free advice; cmon who haven't had them. -2 for the part where they associate intimate bonding and co-sleeping... with characters who have gone cuckoo."
99 93% The Dark Knight The Dark Knight (2008) - Rated 22 Oct 2008
"This is the best film to date that I have seen portraying the chaotic/destructive personification - Rudra ! It was a pure joy watching the character unfold the chaotic nature inside people by pushing them over the edge. I absolutely loved the character and the acting .. The actor playing the Joker has set a difficult benchmark to surpass the role of a wildly chaotic traumatized soul, who needs no valid reason for exhibiting destructive behavior. Blessings and love to his departed soul."
90 51% Speed Racer Speed Racer (2008) - Rated 25 Jun 2010
"Thorough good entertainment, especially for the kids both old and young. If you liked even a bit of racing, the whooozzzzing experience, you will love this film. Visuals is 'the' strong point of Wachowski bros. This film is visually brilliant: with saturated colors and out of the world futuristic, plasticky cartoonistic feeling that I think actually ends up lending credibility to the wtf! moments in the screen play. Good film. Simple moralistic tale told beautifully and with a lot of zestful fun"
98 88% Aakrosh Aakrosh (1980) - Rated 19 Dec 2010
"Haven't come across another Indian film that is as symbolically rich, works on multiple levels, while remaining reachable and lucid. An absolute masterpiece. The turmoil, pain, powerlessness & hopelessness of the tribals screams at you throughout the movie without as much uttering as a single word - none of them utter a word in the movie - yet you end up being deeply disturbed by their exploitation. Powerful cinema. Power of silence, power of acting, power of expressive eyes. Must see cinema."
98 88% Poo Poo (2008) - Rated 16 Jun 2010
"An indian film with a female protagonist who is not a prostitute, sexually abused, goddess or a police officer performing gravity defying stunts in tights.. A poetic story beautifully told. Going by the title, it tells the story of a girl whose heart is as beautiful as a fragile flower and how she is stranded between her love and the aspirations of her lover's family in improving his quality of life - unable to move on completely, stuck between her lifelong love and her new husband.."