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63 21% Pit and the Pendulum (1961) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"As usual, this Corman production has precious little connection with Poe, beyond the admittedly vital presence of the titular torture devices. It's fun enough in its own right, though, and represents Price and Steele's only screen pairing."
75 54% Pin... (1988) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"Barely released theatrically until NYC's Film Forum rescued it for a critically acclaimed two-week run in 1992. While this owes an obvious debt to Hitch's _Psycho_ (as do hundreds of other films) in its plot and antirepression sentiments, the pic still scores high marks in the suspense and originality departments."
75 54% The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"Lewin's stately original remains the best of several adaptations of Wilde's darkly witty fable."
63 21% The Phantom of the Opera (1989) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"In its fourth official celluloid mounting, Leroux's venerable opus serves primarily as a vehicle for Englund, who doffs his Freddy Krueger duds to don the Phantom's classier cloak. Essentially a straightforward, old-fashioned fright film reminiscent of a standard 1960s Hammer horror and encompassing the latter's typical virtues and flaws. There's also a good deal more gore than we saw in the Phantoms of yore (Englund's Erik alternately skins and decapitates his victims)"
75 54% The Phantom of the Opera (1962) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"Veteran Hammer horror hand Fisher helms a highly enjoyable version of the Leroux tale. Lom, in a role originally planned for Christopher Lee, has little to do till the last couple of reels, when he proves his thespian mettle via his complex interpretation of the masked madman. The opening scene retains its shock value, and the single tear dripping from the Phantom's mask provides a nice touch"
75 54% Phantom of the Opera (1943) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"While it could have used more Phantom and less Opera, Lubin's gala Technicolor rendering of Gaston Leroux's timeless terror tale boasts its share of highlights, including the chandelier scene and Claude's disastrous encounter with a crass music publisher."
88 85% The Phantom of the Opera (1925) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"An ever amazing Chaney dominates as the deranged, disfigured but oft sympathetic title character in Rupert Julian's opulent, poignant, and creepy silent-film giant."
63 21% Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"For this, Coscarelli recycles the most crowd-pleasing elements from his earlier films -- original cast members Baldwin, Bannister, and Thornbury, those ever popular flying silver spheres with the retractable spikes, the malevolent Tall Man (Scrimm) and his hooded mutant-dwarf minions (or "lurkers"), elaborate morgue sets, furtive glimpses into a demonic dimension, and even Bannister's trusty four-barrelled shotgun. Still, this adds up to considerably less than the sum of its parts."
63 21% Phantasm II (1988) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"Like its model, this, while operating on a lower plane, works less on a logical than on a filmic fever-dream level, but most of the original chill is gone."
88 85% Phantasm (1979) - Rated 26 Dec 2009
"It's easy to see why this became an enduring one-of-a-kind cult fave and why Coscarelli and crew couldn't quite recapture the black magic in the widely separated sequels."