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81 T8 Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Oct 25, 2017
"Guardians is the ultimate feel-good superhero mumbo jumbo. Silly and light hearted it manages to draw attention away from nonexisting plot to stealing leg implants and standing in circles. Has to be fun. All the soon-to-be superhero movie directors, please, sit down and take notes: lively and colourful secondary characters, attention to detail, grain of self-induced sarcasm is a good base; explosions, special effects and original villains wishing to end the universe - all come as extras."
71 T6 Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Jun 11, 2017
"It feels that Requiem has a linear dependence on age. The younger you are, the more impressive it is. I remember watching this at the age of 18 and the effect final scenes with the music had on me. All I see now is lack of any psychological depth to the physical actions. The constant drugs are bad, drugs drugs are bad (insert the beat here) agenda is superficial. Burstyn's acting and character is strongest by far, music is amazing, scenes and colours are beautiful - substance... what substance?"
55 T3 Passengers (2016) - Jun 10, 2017
"You have to have a big big heart and little logic capabilities or only own the first half of the movie to like it. The original idea of man's morale being tested on lifelong loneliness, set in the very beginning, contrasts with the emotional dreariness and overall idiocy of the grand finale so much, that retrospectively it looks brilliant. I can't even tell if it was so anymore, but here I heroically take a leap of faith before drinking a glass full of washer fluid to somehow forget the rest."
43 T2 Hidden Figures (2016) - May 04, 2017
"I've been to math lectures more tense than this. But don't get overexcited, the extremely breathtaking movie Bland Figures is as much about drama as it is about science. What it is really about - is racism. Yet someone had this great idea, that making it nasty, would upset people. And upsetting people is bad. You know what else upsets people? Racism does... only not anymore. This then draws a parallel to Martin Luther King Jr. saying: "I could've had a dream"."
63 T4 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) - Apr 30, 2017
"Contrary to the popular opinion I do not find this episode to be worse than say episode VI of the original trilogy. It must be the people wanting to be kids again. Member the eighties? Acting is stepped up, story sets up different threads which is something the original trilogy did not necessarily do. The rest of the successful formula including a kind of local munchkins (no disrespect to the original munchkins!) and destroying the not-the-death-star can be only explained by the force itself."
73 T6 Arrival (2016) - Apr 29, 2017
"In a hundred or so years Arrival will serve humanity as a documentary collection of American stereotypes for countries (China - bad), professions (colonel - boring and strict, scientist - boring, but rebellious), lessons, all aliens want to teach humanity, and human obession over time travel. Psst, it was always in the language, you just needed to know the correct word, i.e. alakazam, and then time travel comes and hits you in the eye. Don't just trust me on it, try it yourselves."
62 T4 The Killing (1956) - Apr 03, 2017
"A concept of a heist is alright I guess, there is money involved after all. Failure is imminent from the very beginning, it builds up decently and when it delivers... I bet you think, you can imagine a flat thing? Think again. And again. Still not flat enough. Dialogs were so full of realism, Siri could've passed as a human being. And my favourite sequence of all time: shootout - luggage - dog is the bestest way to wrap up the meticulously planned and executed story ever. See for yourself."
56 T3 Carol (2015) - Mar 26, 2017
"Whether you're a man in love with a woman, a woman loving a woman, or a beaver humping a tree - drama requires conflict. Director of this movie clearly went the extra mile to avoid any, so not to insult anyone or challenge anything and has done that masterfully. Masterfully. Only in two brief hours he proved his outstanding general tolerance as well as genuine indifference towards human characteristic to have strong contradictory feelings. Why make such movies, you ask? Why indeed."
68 T6 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Mar 26, 2017
"Max here is built on the famous "style over substance" formula. There is so much style if overflows the measly Namibian desert, character build-up, plot attempts and thought development in one elemental spurt. When the movie was coming to an end, I was secretly hoping they would travel past their destination to yet another side of the desert and I felt Max was devastated too. There was this famous missing dialog: "But what's the point in this roving, Max?" "Max. My name is Max.""
54 T3 Deadpool (2016) - Feb 24, 2017
"First and foremost, Deadpool is a rebel character. A one in a million through the roof original just like everybody else so much style teenager shock to the system to be more exact. That's the drama part. Another drama part is it tries so hard to be funny, that when it fails to - it hurts, and when it succeeds (and there were quite a few good moments) - it also hurts. Other than making me cry it had all the dick jokes there ever were, for we all know dick jokes are the funniest of them all."