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80 T8 A Clockwork Orange (1971) - May 06, 2018
"'Tis true, droogies, that the material upon which this raskazz is based is decent yet not of Ludwig van level. Now the sinny itself isn't baddiwad either, but it could've been so much more bolshy. The dark isn't dark enough, the oomny isn't oomny dostatochno and such lack of an edge is a moloko without a plus in what could've been grotesque tolchocking, good old in and outing untill gulliver becomes bolnoy. Appypolly loggy everyone yet it is nothing else but an opportunity quite wasted."
39 T1 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) - Apr 13, 2018
"I've watched this because the voices in my head told me to. After the credits rolled all I could hear was a receding swearing, slam of the door and then nothing. I think somebody asked the director how clich├ęd could a picture be, and he did take it for a challenge. It has Teamwork, Sacrifice, and a Cliffhanger ending one of which is enough to decently ruin any movie, but this is not just any movie, this is x people 3. It is three times as x as any other x people movie including the XXX genre. "
65 T5 Bananas (1971) - Apr 12, 2018
"Bananas is as random as random bananas can be. Because of its erratic ways the process starts to bore real quick, life itself is random enough, it is not why people watch movies, right? The patchwork of different short sketches suffers from some very shallow water illness and it quickly spreads to the viewer giving him all the 'I don't give a crap anymore' and 'I have surely heard this somewhere' conditions. It has to be watched only if one watching it is high. Seven thumbs down. Wait.. what?"
51 T3 X2: X-Men United (2003) - Apr 02, 2018
"The x people have stepped up on their action scenes in the second endeavour. Was this the reason that made them struggle with the plot logic - it's not clear. Maybe they just lack candidates with proper mutations in the reasoning section. Instead they've got a fellow, who spoke German, now how's that for a superhero? The day was still saved in a particularly convenient way, which assured, that there will be more saving work required in the future. After all heroism is quite an addiction."
95 T10 Apocalypse Now (1979) - Mar 04, 2018
"War movies, usually, tackle two themes: they are either full of heroic experiences or the suffering following the devaluation of life. Ever wondered where did all the crazies go? They are all here. It is still all about breaking point of moral values and coping mechanisms backed by on point acting and grandiose scenes, but with every little detail nonchalantly twisted. Now, you might think craziness is not serious enough to show the war for what it really is. Watch this. Think again."
56 T3 X-Men (2000) - Feb 03, 2018
"I am also an X-Person. My mutant power - a hole in the head. When I was auditioned for this movie, I talked about not trying to save/destroy things on a grandiose scheme (I am a simple lad, ok?), not participating in overdone and forced action scenes (I can't kill things by looking at them, unlike my cousin, wonder how he's doing), but concentrate on character development and individual dramas, to make the conflicts more personal. Director said he will call me. Still waiting."
72 T6 Take the Money and Run (1969) - Jan 30, 2018
"In its heart it's a collection of sketches (some very funny, some stupid, some both stupid and funny, some flat, some overdone, some boring - you get the idea) put together to loosely follow an generic story arc only this time in a documentary fashion. So it is with early Woody Allen, he seemed to always find an angle to make things feel fresh and create enjoyment from mediocrity. If only this was an infectious disease - that thinking feeling - in a world of comedy."
74 T7 The Martian (2015) - Dec 30, 2017
"The Martian is the best movie on growing potatoes ever. I am planning to plant some as I write this. In a space suit! The main message is strong and true though: science in its core is one problem at a time. It also has more nerdiness to it then any other sci-fi movie I've seen lately - from ASCII to making oxygen. Should I be surprised then that the plot twists and human interaction bits were as mediocre as mediocrity gets? If only there were more of sapiens - solanum tuberosum contact."
75 T7 The Incredibles (2004) - Dec 24, 2017
"Whoa, a superhero movie about how not to be a superhero but still be one. Convoluted! Despite such cool premises it ranks itself as a family movie on a self-inflicted moral scale, which means that instead of having a real parody or drama elements it relies on a handful of innuendoes and secondary characters whose messages adults can pick up on. Not good enough! The dark moments are not dark enough either. Maybe next time you're a superhero, don't try to be so positive."
26 T1 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Dec 15, 2017
"Star wars, spin-off one, rogue one, milk the cow one. A long long time ago in the galaxy far away the cow was not yet milked enough, thus every year now a movie will be made, for we are one with the money and the money are with us. Look, the main character will be a Girl, who will inspire everyone, because she is Inspiring, and her side-kick may have History, but also a Cause and an Accent and let them have a robot, so Funny - you just cannot climb out of the ditch this deep anymore, can you?"