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80 T8 Terminal Terminal (2018) - 10 Aug 2018
"Before you get mad at me because of the point I gave, let me explain something. I know the plot is bad, script is worse than that. But this is the most shiny movie I've ever seen and there's not even a single sunlight. Also Margot Robbie is even brighter than the movie itself. Casting is also daring. You know what I mean. I didn't compare this movie in its genre, I gave all points for visuals and courage."
20 T2 Upside Down Upside Down (2012) - 14 Sep 2013
"The idea of "double-gravity" ? Sounds nice. But this idea just stood like this. The whole movie is fulled with mistakes, I mean, how could every part of these two planets view the other one? It's impossible. But the biggest mistake is to use this idea for a love story. With some hard-work, this idea could become a great sci-fi movie. Finally, only this idea deserves 20 points and there's nothing more about the movie."
53 T4 Call Me by Your Name Call Me by Your Name (2017) - 31 Jan 2018
""Let's nominate this movie to show the world we're not homophobic." - The Academy"
82 T8 The Endless The Endless (2017) - 05 Jul 2018
"I want to believe that there's more. I mean; it is so inspiring. Tell me the whole movie is full of metaphors, tell me this is a dream of a character, tell me this is about Lord Voldemort; I'm up to anything."