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60 T4 Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (2012) - Jun 21, 2012
"Antics that in Awesome Show might have been weird yet appealing instead become downright horrifying and insufferable when thrust into vivid cinematic "reality". 500 characters is too short for this, but I'd make the case that it deliberately evokes the strangeness of other critically divisive projects like Brain Candy and Run Ronnie Run whose creators' sketch-comedy sensibilities arguably translated poorly to film. It's an insulting waste of time because it's *about* insulting wastes of time."
85 T9 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) - Dec 14, 2008
"Rewatched September 2015. Further paraphrasing General Ripper's paraphrase of Clemenceau, the film's message could be summed up as "Nuclear war is too important to be left to the game theorists"; with the stakes so high, even the most far-fetched contingencies (like the Rube Goldberg machine of human error, coincidence, and misunderstanding seen here) must come up for serious consideration. At a certain point the logical outstrips the possible."
95 T10 Muzn√© hry (1988) - Jan 10, 2011
"I've heard of "kill the guy with the ball", but this is ridiculous."
80 T8 Slacker (1991) - Aug 16, 2011
"Austin is presented as an oasis in the middle of a red state, perfect for aimless but harmless weirdos, with the world outside related only in tales of mental hospitals, high-speed chases, hostage situations, conspiracies, and other unpleasantness. It's a utopian film; when the characters go out of their way to complain it's because they have no real problems, and when they speculate pointlessly it's because their lives are blissfully stagnant."
30 T1 Where the Buffalo Roam (1980) - Aug 03, 2015
"The cults of personality surrounding Thompson and Murray are all that prop this frivolity up. Boyle as "Carl Lazlo" (Oscar Zeta Acosta whitewashed beyond meaningful recognition) is nevertheless the film's best asset only because he's possessed of a motivation and coherent personality befitting a character in a buddy comedy. Murray's Thompson comes off not as an eloquent American adventurer but merely an irresponsible bum concerned chiefly with cultivating a reputation as an eccentric."
30 T1 The Congress (2013) - Apr 07, 2014
""A for effort" is the best I can say here. This fanciful but dour critique of futurism and escapism asks us first to believe that the public will embrace movie stars who they know aren't real anymore, and later that scientific advancement is a finite resource meted out among competing branches of technology according to popular demand. I hate it when important issues I care about are addressed in a way that makes me feel like a jerkoff."