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80 76% Headshot (2016) - Rated 29 Jul 2019
86 90% The Night Comes for Us (2018) - Rated 28 Nov 2018
"Classic heroic bloodshed story with heavy emphasis on the bloodshed part. Whenever a fight happens in this movie (which is like 70% of the run time), no limbs, body fluids, bones stay where they were a few seconds ago. The basic 90s action flick story is merely a vehicle for a ton of balls to wall fight scenes. A legit charming amateurish and "fuck the small budget" attitude amplifies the brutality of the excellently choreographed fight scenes. P.S. I think I'm in love with Julie Estelle"
89 94% Mandy (2018) - Rated 22 Nov 2018
"after an entire hour of buildup, the movie explodes into one of the most satisfying and visually interesting payoffs I have seen in quite some time."
99 99% Miami Connection (1988) - Rated 02 Nov 2018
"My all time favorite B-movie. It's got everything you ever will need in a shitty action flick: martial arts, cheesy ass poprock songs about ninjas and friendship, ninjas on motorcycles, awkward monologues - ooooof, you just really have to watch this. Just do it. FRIENDS FOR ETERNITY LOYALTY HONESTY"
94 99% Train to Busan (2016) - Rated 01 Nov 2018
"Touching, well-made and occasionally badass mix of drama, horror and action movie tropes."
81 80% Manhunt (2017) - Rated 02 Aug 2018
"The most satisfying 106-minute handjob a director ever gave himself. Partly a remake of Hot Pursuit, partly an all-out reference fest to every single Heroic Bloodshed movie John Woo ever made. From the 25-minute mark on Manhunt becomes a balls out action fest that goes completely bonkers in no time. Definitely a must-see for fans of Woo's older work like Hardboiled and A Better Tomorrow. The engrish tho"
75 65% Filth (2014) - Rated 02 Aug 2018
67 50% No Retreat, No Surrender (1986) - Rated 02 Jul 2018
41 21% No Retreat, No Surrender 3 (1990) - Rated 02 Jul 2018
65 47% No Retreat, No Surrender II (1988) - Rated 02 Jul 2018