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60 17% The Lady Gambles (1949) - Jun 14, 2016
75 40% Salvatore Giuliano (1962) - May 01, 2016
"Rosi approaches this like Lang might turning history into a procedural. Compassion and empathising can be hard in broad strokes versions of the story, so Rosi consistently starts big then closes in more and more before opening up again to bring us to the next stop. Very glad to have picked this up. It has nits to be picked but overall works so well it's tough to care about the occasional overblown performance or whatever. -a113er, https://redd.it/4h95dc"
40 7% Deadpool (2016) - May 01, 2016
"When it comes to the other Marvel films my common complaint is how flat they can be, like they're shot to accommodate future iPad and TV viewing, but man this is the next level of visual staleness. One of the worst experiences that can be had is watching something/someone who thinks they're hilarious and loves themselves be painfully unfunny and too much of the film was that for me. Masturbatory in every sense of the word. -a113er, https://redd.it/4h95dc"
70 29% The Fate of Lee Khan (1973) - May 01, 2016
"Little does the secret service head know, the owner of the Inn he's going to wants him out of the picture and the Han dynasty returned to power. Hu is constantly spinning plates. Our characters are looking out for spies, fighting off thieves, planning for Khan's arrival, and tending to the usual duties of an inn. As a smaller Hu film it's not lacking in fun or his penchant for power moves. Not the first I'd recommend but they're all on a curve of greatness. -a113er, https://redd.it/4h9"
50 11% The Revenant (2015) - May 01, 2016
" feels stuck between being a stripped down survival tale and being a film about greater ideas of masculinity, America, and the nature of violence. Inarritu's at his best when he sticks to making a very straight-forward near-genre film, but he seems afraid or unwilling to embrace it. Of all the things I thought this film might be, disposable wasn't one of them. a113er, https://redd.it/4h95dc "
70 29% A Better Tomorrow (1986) - Apr 29, 2016
"There is some great action here if it is a bit sparingly used compared to his other films. Where the film's main focus lies is in its characters and sadly I didn't care that much about them. Just in terms of eye-catching shots it might be one of his best shot films, I just wish I liked it more. When the action does come it's as cool as you'd imagine even if the budget is clearly smaller, but it left me longing. -a113er, https://redd.it/2rbds2 "
70 29% They Came Together (2014) - Apr 29, 2016
"The film is full of energy, has no bounds, and has really great jokes. What's most important is that the film made me laugh a lot, more than I expected it too. Even though I didn't really care about the characters I didn't really mind. I think I prefer a film like this that just rolls with it and doesn't pretend like we're really invested, except for comedic effect, unlike some other comedies. Definitely worth checking out. -a113er, https://redd.it/2rbds2"
80 55% Chuji tabi nikki: Goyo hen (1927) - Dec 16, 2015
85 70% Black Dragon (1989) - Dec 04, 2015