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50 48% It (2017) - Jul 21, 2018
"The secondary characters are exaggerated and thus fun (especially the mother of Eddie). The movie was more uncomfortable and awkward, than creepy and scary. The actor playing Pennywise was an awful miscast. The effects were amusing and were pulling the weight of the clown. As character development and social commentary, "It" did a great job. Overall, the movie is rather good as a drama, but fails as a horror."
78 78% Isle of Dogs (2018) - Jul 20, 2018
90 90% Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - Jul 19, 2018
"A movie is THAT good, when even Tom Cruise can't ruin it. I can go as far as saying that he was even good in it. "Edge of Tomorrow" has the recipe for success - groundhog day, alien invasion, soldiers in mech suits... the combo is very entertaining, engaging and simply awesome. I wouldn't mind a darker ending, but that will do."
11% How It Ends (2018) - Jul 18, 2018
""How it ends" is trying to be many things and it fails colossally at each and every one of them. The movie is maybe fine as a romantic comedy, but definitely not as an apocalyptic movie. The flaws include: lack of explanation and good narrative; poor pace; useless scenes; awful atmosphere that doesn't create neither suspense nor feeling of impending doom or glimmering hope. I've never been that indifferent towards something from the genre and I usually enjoy anything on the topic."
17 20% Peter Rabbit (2018) - Jul 17, 2018
""Peter Rabbit" starts off cute, but slowly descends into cheesy annoyance. I know the target group is children and it couldn't appeal neither to me, nor to the kid in me. In my opinion, it irritates more than it entertains. "
52 51% John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Jul 17, 2018
"John Wick: Chapter 2 felt exactly like a video game with funny dialogue cut scenes. Prepare yourself for tons of headshots, vague plot line, a lot of pin up girls, very obedient dog and Keanu Reeves' super realistic rendering. "
11% The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) - Jun 23, 2018
"One hour and ten minutes felt unnecessarily long for this prolonged playlist of suspenseful music. At least I appreciate that this is (hopefully) the ending of the franchise. Very bleak and disappointing. The backbone of the movie is villains being weird/creepy, literally nothing scary, gruesome or engaging. The bad dude gets supernatural survival abilities, which is the pinnacle of "based on true events"."
44 43% Truth or Dare (2018) - Jun 23, 2018
"Fine in the beginning, strong "Final Destination" vibe. The trailer spoils A LOT, and what it doesn't, is predictable. The big secret reveal is obvious from the get-go. Really annoying and illogical finale. Lucas picking dare to let the girls pick truth when they are literally ENDING the game... The demon killing Sam to get the knife... Transferring the game to unwilling participants over the internet... What a joke. I wish someone had dared the writes to make a logical ending."
34 35% Blockers (2018) - Jun 19, 2018
"This is the best existing comedy portraying prom. Mind you, it's nothing special on its own, it's just better when you compare it. The movie has a few loud laughs, some dumb unnecessary moments, adorableness and a lot of John Cena being silly and funny. There is a certain niche for actors who have grown past the roles of wild youngsters, so they emerge into parents having a mid life crisis. Too much examples in the recent years... My point, "Blockers" is the best among the rubble. "
39 38% Set It Up (2018) - Jun 19, 2018
"A bit exaggerated, predictable and on the nose. The usual stereotyping. Way below the acting capabilities of Lucy Liu. So, those things aside, it's a bearable watch. If you are in the mood for a rom com, you can do much worse."