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2% The Umbrella Academy (2019) - Feb 17, 2019
"I never review anything I haven't fully seen, but "The umbrella academy" is unbearable - I couldn't make it past episode 2. The characters are obnoxious and boring, in no way can you care for them and "connect emotionally". The episodes are unnecessarily prolonged, filled with useless scenes that in no way add to character development. The idea behind the show is pretty interesting and I was looking forward to unraveling the mystery, but watching a snail race is more engaging than the series."
68 66% Preacher (2016) - Feb 15, 2019
""Preacher" is a hit and miss. On one hand you have scenes with superb camera work, on the spot dialogues, darn amazing characters, disgusting and brilliant gore... But then you have quite a lot of filler scenes with no purpose, predictable twists and most of all - an awful and useless love triangle. I would classify the series as a dark comedy with social commentary. "
87 86% The Haunting of Hill House (2018) - Jan 24, 2019
"For me, The Haunting of Hill House wasn't a horror, but just a story about life, death and love, with supernatural elements. Beautiful and emotional. The culminations were thrilling and satisfying. The ending was superb - I could have asked for anything better."
11% S.W.A.T. (2017) - Dec 09, 2018
"Sadly, S.W.A.T is depending on a good-looking cast and low action, sprinkled with cheap human drama. But beware, these are no mere S.W.A.T officers - they are also detectives, profilers, negotiators and CSI. Honestly I don't know why other branches of police exist. Watching the show is fine as a background noise, but unfortunately nothing more."
72 72% The Rookie (2018) - Dec 09, 2018
"What really stands out for me in "The Rookie" is the subtle, elegant humor of the show. Make no mistake, it is a police drama like all other, but Nathan Fillion brings a certain finesse and entertainment. The cast is good and likeable, the cases are interesting. I also appreciate that the "small fish" cops are staying in their lane, as opposed to constantly acting like detectives or SWAT (as seen in other series). Definitely enjoyable, which is saying something with the big crime show market."
2% Charming (2018) - Dec 08, 2018
10% The Female Brain (2017) - Dec 04, 2018
"I was expecting "The Female Brain" to be filled with skits, stand up comedy material or you know, some humor at least. Mind you, I didn't know Whitney Cummings was into the above mentioned things. What you get with the movie instead is a feeling of an unnecessary prolonged tv episode, with lots of fillers. The situations and dialogues felt acted, scripted and robotic. The only thing that slightly reminds of science are the white lab coats and the MRI machine. Overall, the movie has zero value."
41 40% Venom (2018) - Dec 02, 2018
"Usually I enjoy the cheeky MCU humor, but "Venom" would have been better off without it. I couldn't help it but to have high expectations, because, well... Venom and Tom Hardy. Unfortunately the movie is mediocre at best, with questionable CGI. Also, all of the female characters are weak, bland and awkward. Michelle Williams's performance and emotionless face haven't changed much since Dawson's Creek. Oh, Woody Harrelson, come and save the franchise!"