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Member Since: Jan 6, 2020

Location: Turkey

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75 0% Saw (2004) - Apr 16, 2021
"nice plot"
70 0% The Act (2019) - Jul 20, 2020
95 0% Atlanta (2016) - Apr 28, 2020
"despite its 20 min lengths per episodes, atlanta achieves to become one of the best comedy and drama shows of all time and a comprehensive race study essay at the same time. its a concrete confirmation of donald glover's undeniable geniusness."
85 0% Marriage Story (2019) - Apr 28, 2020
"o visioners movie with a lot of attention to detail. script and directionary shines with the help of leads phenomenal performances."
100 0% BoJack Horseman (2014) - Feb 04, 2020
"best. just, best. changed my life, changed my perspective about life. thanks for everything."
95 0% Suspiria (2018) - Jan 06, 2020
"Almost perfect. Cinematography is excellent, so as actings (nod to Tilda Swinton). It takes a very good concept in a bad executed story (original suspiria) and creates a whole lore out of it. Soundtrack is may be the thom yorke's best solowork. A must watch."
60 0% Suspiria (1977) - Jan 06, 2020
"an interesting watch, exrtraordinaire color usage and soundtrack, but in this millenia story leaves a lot to be desired."
85 0% Chef (2014) - Jan 06, 2020
"not the best movie in the world, and it is not trying to be one. best cooking scenes almost in the history of video technology, not just in the history of cinema. my favourite feel good movie of all time."