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Location: Germany

Age: 34

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|80| - outstanding
|75| - total recommendation, great movie, no flaws
|70| - good but with flaws

|60| - okay
|50| - you are not missing anything if you skip this one

|40| - waste of time
|00| - no, no, no, no, no. never again!
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80 85% A Most Violent Year (2014) - Mar 21, 2015
"Oscar Isaac's Abel Morales is a stellar remembrance of Pacino's Michael Corleone. Moreover, the characters of him and Chastain feel like a constant twist on Michael and Kay Adams and their relationship. Truely great to watch for fans of "The Godfather". -- Very (!) quiet but captivating!"
85 91% Constantine (2005) - Mar 28, 2015
"I've never read the source material "Hellblazer", still, back in 2005 its aesthetics made "Constantine" one hell of a visit to the cinema. Today, it demands a fitting home cinema equipment to take full effect. Luckily, the great visuals that are still amazing to watch a decade later are met with concise story-telling and a powerful cast. Too bad the planned sequel never came about!"
35 4% Jupiter Ascending (2015) - May 01, 2015
"Weird characters, meaningless action sequences, unappealing story-telling. Sadly, another failure for the Wachowskis. "
54 19% Selma (2014) - Jun 07, 2015
"The events portrayed are stirring, the portrayal in "Selma" is not. A way too clinical, not to say poor depiction."
52 17% The Manchurian Candidate (2004) - Jun 06, 2015
"The production design looks like the movie was made in 1994 not 2004 and brings back memories of the hideous technologies presented in "Face/Off" at times. -- The novel might have the makings of a good thriller, this adaptation does not."
85 91% Downloaded (2013) - Mar 18, 2015
"An entertaining documentary that contrasts the creators of Napster with the heads of music labels, the RIAA and affected artists. The narration spans from 1998 to 2012 and is a varied and intelligent mix of recent interviews, tv reports, recordings and talks starting 1998, thus revealing the change of time, perspectives and conditions."
47 12% The Cobbler (2015) - Mar 13, 2015
"The formula of family, fantasy and fun is reminiscent of Sandler's 2006 "Click" but executed tedious and foreseeable. -- Bluntly disappointing."
44 9% Survivor (2015) - May 31, 2015
"Pierce Brosnan's performance shines a lonely yet still tiny light on this underwhelming succession of plot holes. -- Poor directing, editing, book and general acting with no tension at all. "
75 77% Non-Stop (2014) - Feb 27, 2015
"Achieves what the "Taken" series didn't manage to bring to the screen for its second and third instance. Easily, a more calm "Taken On A Plane". -- Great suspense, highly underrated!"
85 91% The Spectacular Now (2013) - Feb 27, 2015
"One of the most compelling and realistic coming of age stories in years."