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Location: USA

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91 91% Arrival (2016) - Sep 19, 2019
"I saw this movie shortly after my Dad died, which probably contributes to my feelings about it. It's beautiful and very human sci fi with some very interesting concepts revolving around the nature of time and the both the choices that we make and the events that are completely beyond our control."
90 89% The Raid 2 (2014) - Sep 19, 2019
"The storyline in a movie like The Raid 2 is like garnishings on a bowl of ice cream: not necessary but still really fucking tasty. This is an action movie to its core and it's exceptionally well choreographed and paced."
88 86% Train to Busan (2016) - Sep 19, 2019
86 81% Logan (2017) - Sep 19, 2019
79 61% I, Tonya (2017) - Sep 19, 2019
90 89% Thirst (2009) - Sep 19, 2019
40 5% Green Book (2018) - Sep 19, 2019
"Full disclosure: I am white and I initially thought this movie was... okay, kinda. I could see some of the problematic shit, not even close to all, mind you, but some. Ultimately though, despite some good performances, this is a movie that's basically made to cater to white people and make us feel good about "not all white people" and shit. I mean, it has a fucking scene where a white dude teaches a black dude how to eat fried chicken, for fuck's sake, which is just some condescending bullshit."
72 43% Coherence (2013) - Sep 19, 2019
"Cool low budget sci fi"
85 78% Annihilation (2018) - Sep 19, 2019