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Flick Fan - 99 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 29, 2018

Location: Turkey

Bio: "I am a dumb bitch with terrible taste. I will never change. That's a promise.
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70 77% The Shining (1980) - Apr 09, 2019
35 42% Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) - Apr 08, 2019
40 46% Minions (2015) - Apr 08, 2019
"So are the minions a subgroup of the proletariat that lacks class consciousness? I think so."
95 99% The Florida Project (2017) - Apr 08, 2019
"Such an amazing film. I love how it starts bravely, depicting the neighborhood from the pov of the children with little to no dialogue, and how it slowly switches to narrate its plot. It says so many things about poverty in the US, capitalism, and motherhood and it does it in the most gentle way even though it focuses on a filthy side of the country that so many try not to look at. Easily one of my favorite films. Ever. Yes, that is a bold statement. I stand by it."
90 95% Tangerine (2015) - Apr 08, 2019
"I love so many things about this film: how it is shot using an iPhone, how it shows the real side of L.A., how the director cast trans women to play trans roles (instead of hiring cishet men and then applauding them for playing such a "brave role"), how the actresses collaborated with the director to shape the screenplay. Beautiful prelude to The Florida Project. Baker is an amazing director and will remain one of my favorites. "
30 38% Bee Movie (2007) - Apr 08, 2019
20 25% The First Purge (2018) - Apr 08, 2019
"Stupid plot, incredibly predictable. The only good thing is that we get to watch black protagonists but they are once again characterized as evil, violent ones versus good ones who work for the society. With that attitude towards its black characters, The First Purge fails to combat racism. "
60 62% The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) - Apr 08, 2019
"Starts out great and builds tension up so well but it fails to deliver with those shitty last 15 minutes. It had so much feminist potential. I wish they depicted Jane Doe as a victim to sexist traditions and show her as a character that was haunting people to tell her story. And in the end, when our protagonists figured her story out, she should have found peace and left them alone instead of turning into some stupid ghost witch who kept looking for new victims."
2% Ayla (2017) - Apr 08, 2019
"Boring, the dialogues are so historically inaccurate, so nationalistic. A no from me, dawg."
40 46% Desperado (1995) - Apr 08, 2019