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51 T1 Cold in July (2014) - Sep 21, 2014
"I really liked the 80s touches - the synthy score, the intruder lit suddenly by a lightning flash, it even ends with a stalk scene in a weirdly lit warehouse! But this is tonally all over the place, which doesn't quite work, even if it keeps things surprising. And it really could have lost 20 minutes runtime, the pacing is really saggy."
62 T2 Nine Queens (2000) - Dec 08, 2013
"Aimiable con-man buddy movie with some good plotting but marred for me by acting that veers a little towards a latin soap opera."
62 T2 Nim's Island (2008) - Dec 08, 2013
"Enjoyable kid's adventure film that isn't afraid to deal with some grown up issues. It's got a strong, resourceful female lead character, nice locations, and an old fashioned pre-CGI feel."
78 T8 The Crash Reel (2013) - Dec 08, 2013
"This terrific doc turns many of the conventions of this sort of narrative on their heads, so where we expect to follow someone heroically conquering adversity, we instead see the much more difficult (and even more heroic in my opinion) journey to learning to live with one's limitations. Heartwarming and thought-provoking in equal measure, part of the joy in this is getting to witness Pearce's extraordinary family supporting him through his ordeal."
72 T5 Man on the Train (2002) - Nov 18, 2013
"Engaging examination of regret and what might have been. Halliday and Rochefort are terrific as two very different men who strike up an unusual friendship, and the first 2 thirds of the film are pleasurable because of their philosophical discussions and flashes of dry humour. The last act has an surprising mirrored structure and takes a somewhat open-ended, almost magical turn. A little gem."
46 T1 We're the Millers (2013) - Nov 17, 2013
"Hit-and-miss vulgar comedy, I sniggered and groaned in equal measure. Felt like it should have been more cynical - the main characters were way too squeaky clean to be believable lowlifes, and the film never strayed very far from the sitcom happy family formula."
44 T1 Black Death (2010) - Nov 15, 2013
"Despite an effectively bleak, grimy atmosphere, and some interesting, if somewhat incoherent commentary on Christian morals, this Wicker Man in the swamp is ultimately let down by amateur filmmaking and its small budget."
73 T6 Gravity (2013) - Nov 15, 2013
"An astonishing technical accomplishment, this really used Imax 3D to give a sense of motion and space on both the macro and micro scale. But, aside from a few arty moments - Bullock assuming the foetal position on entering the Soyuz is a nice one; the water blob floating into foreground focus - this is basically a thrill ride complete with ridiculous tension device and an undercooked melodramatic script. Nevertheless, a highly enjoyable cinema experience."
69 T4 The Year of Living Dangerously (1982) - Nov 07, 2013
"Engrossing look at political turmoil in Indonesia through foreign eyes. Hunt's storyline is by far the most interesting, so I felt a little disappointed it was somewhat sidelined by the more conventional Gibson/Weaver romance, although this was probably a pragmatic commercial decision by Weir. Some good editing too."
83 T10 The Debt (1999) - Nov 04, 2013
"Terrific and harrowing portrayal of two essentially decent men under unbearable pressure. Convincing in every way with excellent performances and hand held photography."