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Bio: This is my second account, the main one is only for Horror movies. https://www.criticker.com/profile/tipar/

100. Masterpiece: you must see it only because of the pop culture.
90. Excellent: you must see it for the same reason as 100 but maybe there is an error or something you do not totally like.
80. Very good: you are going to love it.
70. Good: you will not regret the experience.
60. Interesting: some parts of the movie compensate the weakest.
50. Watchable: you can see it but not a great thing.
49. Almost boring: the movie seems a little too long.
40. Mediocre: maybe boring but you can see the whole thing.
30. Weak: usually boring and maybe you will not see the whole movie.
20. Bad: totally boring you will see it until the half of it and enough is enough.
10. Very bad: you will see 15 mints maybe, tops.
0. YThisExists: to bad to even give it a try.

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"Without Hannibal and the psychological commentaries, the series is nothing more than a more dark Castle and his like."
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"I fell asleep in the first episode, that is all I have to say."
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"Not bad but the parody has been left out so we have some adult-targeted humor with a lot of violence and sex jokes, not really my jam to enjoy comedy."
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