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95 T10 Maria Bamford: Old Baby (2017) - May 22, 2017
70 T5 54 (1998) - May 22, 2017
"[director's cut] Christopher's almost miraculously-salvaged cut doesn't quite live up to Elvis Mitchell's rhapsodic description of DESIGN FOR LIVING meets AMERICAN GRAFFITI—it's immersive and impressively textured but surprisingly limp on a scene-by-scene basis and there are basically no laughs. Still, recommended for anyone interested in NYC club history or the Fear City-era generally, and Mike Myers is seriously great as Rubell. (& the disco'd Lightfoot shoulda won the Oscar somehow)"
90 T9 I'm So Excited (2013) - May 21, 2017
"some of y'all could really use a valencia cocktail of the soul..."
95 T10 A Master Builder (2014) - May 21, 2017
"The first image of Shawn's Solness, decaying in a modern hospital bed, announces the facade's radicalization; the appearance of Biehl's Ragnar, the deeper fidelity. & by appearance I mean his pained gawking haplessness, Ragnarest Ragnar. Hagerty is perfect. Joyce is astonishing, surfing the swirls & eddies of the beguiling Hilde as manifest in Ibsen's text while dropping depth charges that launch her as close to the sun as Declan Quinn's exquisite photography allows (just close enough)."
100 T10 Middletown (1982) - May 17, 2017
"Certainly an artistic improvement over PBS's first attempt at "reality", AN AMERICAN FAMILY; the question of whether it was an ethical one supposedly got "Seventeen" shelved, though testimonies all but confirm the more significant factor to be affiliates' objections to the adolescent interracial romances. That one's the masterpiece, if there be one (but there's more than one [or three]). "The Campaign" is 77 minutes of beat-perfect development of ideas in a dynamic nonfictional context."
70 T5 Tanner on Tanner (2004) - May 07, 2017
75 T6 Steven Banks: Home Entertainment Center (1989) - May 05, 2017
"Manic one-man musical that manages songs both amusing and maybe a little *too* completely believable as lazy improv by a multitalented underachiever, as he accompanies himself on six or seven different instruments strewn about his apartment. Smartly plotted, considering, and charmingly fixated—necessarily but still—on creating worlds within worlds on its single meticulously-decorated set."
80 T7 Georgia (1995) - May 05, 2017
"A near-plotless succession of grand pathetic sights: John Doe and blotto JJL doing "I'll Be Your Mirror" at a Jewish wedding till she wanders off halfway through and passes out in the corner; strung-out John C. Reilly monologuing about trying to score on the road when you have no man to wait for; blotto JJL (ya lotsa that) ruining exquisitely Van Morrison's nine-minute "Take Me Back" at an AIDS benefit after promising to "kick the shit out of [AIDS]!" The tragedy of vicarious living."
75 T6 That '70s Show (1998) - May 04, 2017