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70 T5 Maniac Cop (1988) - Jun 02, 2016
"Cordell's design, in tandem with the entirety of Z'Dar's astonishing head, is actually pretty creepy in a perverse-cartoon-parody kinda way, like something out of Dante's TWILIGHT ZONE segment, and there are enough offbeat character tics to nudge it through the dull shit. Along with Coombs, Atkins is probably the best actual actor of all those convention lifers, and his playing-up of his character's oddly neutered affect is welcome (and really the only choice for a hero here)"
90 T9 Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993) - Apr 11, 2016
"A challenge to us and them and Feore in particular, tasked with interpreting a man whose character and eccentricities carry more potential for bad performances than maybe anyone else ever, in a film designed to focus intensely in turn on dozens of those eccentricities, erasing the usual paths to pathos and recognition. The big scenes are all of them. Special affection for the "Idea of North" segment, elegantly depicting in brief the beauty of Gould's ideas and experimentation."
90 T9 Au revoir les enfants (1987) - Aug 13, 2014
"Malle knows that to fully salvage sentiment one must convey a sense of discovery, of innate truths furnished anew, and this is one of the best films ever made about both the restless dialectic of discovery and the development of moral codes in a minefield. How are young men to respect the cloth when they see the ease with which passing soldiers use it soak up blood? When its wearers cut themselves first, of course."
80 T7 The Deep End (2001) - Apr 10, 2016
"Like SUTURE, an exercise in theory dressed up as a thriller, but here they manage the neat trick of updating the source material in salaciousness—it's a son and the blackmail is a video of him getting railed by Josh Lucas—but keeping the mother's torment teasingly, even frustratingly subtextual, augmenting the genderfucking with a number of subtle and sometimes very funny character riffs (watch the gearhead daughter) and committing to the pastiche with gorgeously artificial visual flourishes"
80 T7 The Lovers (1958) - Aug 11, 2014
"If the female voiceover suggests a cheeky rebuke of Flaubert, the sinews of his sentences find a mesmeric mirror in Malle's compositions, so studied and layered, charting the carnage wrought by these piggish provincials as they try to convince themselves that their floundering has been dignified by melodrama. Moreau tasting herself on her lips is certainly hotter than anything else Justice Stewart could possibly have had the opportunity to define."
75 T6 Anomalisa (2015) - Apr 11, 2016
"'Human' as a laudatory adjective in the way it's been widely used to describe this seems...off. I think Kaufman's greatest achievement is the unique manner in which he recreates the intense revulsion for humanity occasionally unavoidable in any mentally sound adult (no comment on the rest of us) by having his human proxies re-enact in excruciating physical detail way too much of what the general self-hater could be expected to hate about him or herself. Visceral empathy and all that entails."
10 T1 The English Patient (1996) - May 11, 2008
"I'd rather see Sack Lunch. Do you think the family got shrunk down? Or is it just a giant sack?"